WeAreBrain Tech: Year in Review

December 31, 2017
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Mario Grunitz
WeAreBrain Tech: Year in Review

2017 has been a good year for WeAreBrain with a number of exciting developments and really enthralling projects with clients old and new. We became an award winning agency with the Dutch SpinAwards. We’ve built our expertise in AI and continue to develop amazing new products. What can we say? We’re really looking forward to 2018. But as many do, we thought we’d take a moment and look back at some of the great tech articles that the WeAreBrain team members penned in 2017.

Sergey G, Ruby Software Engineer, became one of WeAreBrain’s most prolific writers giving our readers some great tips and pretty cool code for Hybris and Hybris Extension. We got a little more insight into how Docker works. He even got into some Git Culture 🙂

2017 also saw a big focus on AI and the ‘Bot Universe’ for WeAreBrain, building our very own DevOps Workbot for the Amazon Chatbot Challenge. It was just a starting point for a number of other bot projects we began this year. Pavel K, a tech team lead at WeAreBrain, wrote a really great article comparing Lex and Luis — two competing bot programming tools.

Our creative and UX teams have also been putting pen to figurative paper this year looking at how designers and front-end developers can team their knowledge to ensure great products, courtesy of Lena,WeAreBrain designer. Pavel L, UX designer, got us thinking of more creative ways to get creative and Sam looked at chatbots from a writer’s perspective providing an article that details how to create a voice for your bot.

Sergey P would certainly win MVP this year for the articles he wrote: How we made our product building process great again and Metrics. Metrics Everywhere a two-part series that detailed his experience with product building for one of our startup clients clevergig. They received the most overall traffic to the WeAreBrain Medium Publication! He’s also started an enticing series on cryptocurrency and you can look forward to new instalments early 2018.

We’re currently ¾ s through our MVP for Android series by Sergey T and you’ll be able to read the last one this coming Friday. You can also find some great articles on Visual Studio CodeBlueGreen Deployment and React App Testing to name a few.

We’re really proud to say we had some great editorial content in 2017 and we couldn’t possibly feature every article here but you can read the full WeAreBrain Publication from ‘cover to cover’ right here!

We wish you the best that 2018 could possibly bring you!

Yours in Tech,

WeAreBrain Team.

Mario Grunitz

Mario is a Strategy Lead and Co-founder of WeAreBrain, bringing over 20 years of rich and diverse experience in the technology sector. His passion for creating meaningful change through technology has positioned him as a thought leader and trusted advisor in the tech community, pushing the boundaries of digital innovation and shaping the future of AI.

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