Meet Vlad, the Veritable Coding Magician

May 28, 2019
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Paula Ferrai
Meet Vlad, the Veritable Coding Magician

Meet Vlad, our Ruby Dev Shinobi! Working with our Maxeda project team he packs a powerful punch when it comes to programming solutions. Working completely remotely, he is one of the Brainiacs that has earned his title of digital nomad always delivering on-demand.

With a Masters Degree in Program Engineering, his ninja skills have seen him grow through various other work positions, learning as many languages as possible until he landed at WeAreBrain and shared his expertise with us. He puts great stock in teamwork and believes it’s the best way to achieve a common goal. Working remotely has also helped him develop a lot of personal responsibility because as Spiderman’s uncle says “with great freedom, comes great responsibility”. Ok, sure, we adapted that one a little but nothing could be more true with working online, from anywhere in the world.

What does Vlad love most about his work? “I like to think of coding as a set of magical spells that tell a story, and the best kind of story has clean and neat code in it. So I strive to be an excellent storyteller with each project I touch.”

Vlad is not just a virtual magician he also has some uber crazy table tennis skills, we’re talking 11 years and multiple competitions won, kind of skills. “It’s not just a hobby, it’s really one of my passions and the times I have won tournaments actually stack up to being one of the top highlights in my life.” When asked about other highlights he explains; “My marriage is the first highlight of my life, having someone to share life’s adventures with is truly a gift, which brings me to the final of my top three highlights, we love to plan for the future together, always with the mission to explore more of this amazing world.”

If he could go back in time to view any historical event it would be the first mission in space. “It must have been incredible to look back down at our tiny blue planet. Being the first man to do it and understanding how small we are in comparison to the rest of the universe.”

Vlad works really hard and has great determination so it’s unsurprising that his motto in life is ‘The unbreakable will’. I just had to ask him what it meant to him personally and he explained; “You need to be steadfast in your pursuit of excellence, it is only you and your will that will see you succeed or fail. So be resolute and hold strong to what you believe in.” Pretty powerful stuff.

“I’ve been working at WeAreBrain for quite a while now and even though I work remotely, I have always felt like I was 100% part of the team. When we have work functions or special projects that I need to come into the office for, it’s always a great time and I feel like as a team we really understand each other.” Well, Vlad, we feel exactly the same way about you! To another of our quirky crazy Brainiacs, we’re so happy you’re part of the team.

Paula Ferrai

Paula leads our Marketing & Communications team. She’s a brand strategy expert and is perpetually excited about connecting the dots. She loves scuba-diving, yoga, and having fun with her son.

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