Meet Lena – WeAreBrain’s resident UX/UI design dynamo

Written by: Samantha Wolhuter

This Brainiac is our go-to creative whiz, but would you believe Lena started out her career in economics? After realising that her passion for creativity was bursting at the seams, Lena decided to walk the creative path by enrolling in art school. After graduating, she felt another yearning to dive into the world of IT which led her to combine her creative and IT brain, resulting in Lena joining the dynamic group of like-minded creative IT misfits at WeAreBrain.

‘The most important and favourite thing about my work is to see the end result, and understand that part of my work is the success of someone’s business’ say Lena. But diving into the mind of the average user isn’t the only thing that keeps Lena creatively satisfied — she also loves to travel and experience cultures other than her own. ‘My hobby is collecting interesting places in my memories. I love travelling by car as it is the only way to visit hard to reach, hidden gems’ says Lena.

Lena clearly has a deep yearning to understand how and why things work — from getting inside a user’s mind to find out what they want and need from a UX perspective, to traveling and experiencing foreign cultures, and even to understand the inner mind workings of animals — ‘I would like the ability to understand the language of animals and birds’. Lena’s insatiable curiosity propels her creative and analytical mind in ways that inspire our team to keep going beyond the expected to produce an unparalleled quality of work.

While Lena inspires us, she gets her inspiration from the constant streams of creative energy shared across the globe daily on the web. ‘I get inspiration from viewing images on the Pinterest. Interesting photos, posters, advertising campaigns and places — all of these things inspire me. I also regularly visit the Awwwards website. It’s important to be to levelled with leaders in web design’ says Lena.

It is clear that Lena has drive and is never satisfied with the status quo and where she is — she is always searching, learning and inspiring herself to grow and break barriers. ‘My life motto is ‘never stop there, keep going’.

Being able to speak English fluently is at the top of Lena’s bucket list, and if she approaches this task with the same fierce determination and creative ease as she has done with her previous endeavours, then we’re sure we will be adding ‘copywriter’ to her list of many talents.

Lena recently wrote a great guide on how to ensure your front-end and design team avoid creative quarrels and work together effectively.

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Last modified: April 16, 2020
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