Introducing Jurgen, our Business Development Leader bringing ideas to the table

Written by: Samantha Wolhuter

We have another Brainiac to introduce you to, and he is a pretty exceptional guy. He is an entrepreneur at heart and spoke to us quite frankly about how one of his most recent ventures failed to get off the starting blocks, and how his interaction with WeAreBrain as a client enticed him to become a partner to our WeAreBrain collective. 

Jurgen de Jonge

As one of the founders of ishipit, Jurgen is a self-proclaimed ideas man and he really enjoys spotting new opportunities and matching them to companies where they just might fit. Jurgen is a big believer in “if you fail, fail fast and learn from it”. Which he most certainly has done since the ishipit venture, initially a same-day delivery service for local stores, didn’t really get off the ground.  Through the lessons he has learned, he has become more successful with some of his own e-commerce platforms. Jurgen also informed us that due to the outstanding work put in by the WeAreBrain team the platform might still see a revival! (spoiler alert)

Now firmly entrenched in the Brainiac team, Jurgen tells us why he enjoys working with WeAreBrain so much. “For me, it’s when I see one of the ideas I came up with being implemented for our clients. Being part of such a remarkable team means we are constantly coming up with new innovative concepts. There is never a dull moment working at WeAreBrain.”

On a more personal note, Jurgen tells us that one of his favourite things to do is to sit on his boat. “I find these are the rare moments when my head stops spinning with ideas and I can just be”. Certainly sounds quite lovely to us. Talking about carefree moments, when we asked Jurgen who he would be for a day, he told us “myself, but 30 years younger as a student, truly enjoying the best, most unburdened time of my life one more time.” It makes us nostalgic for the good old days too, Jurgen. 

Jurgen is an ardent family man and lists the day he married his incredible wife and the days his daughters were born as the top three highlights to date. After all, as he explains, “all the things I simply could not live without are my family, health, friends and success at what I do.” 

When asked what legacy he wants to leave the world with, Jurgen stated “ I want to be part of something that makes a difference, something that makes the world a better place for my daughters.” His personal mantra is “never give up”, although he said that he doesn’t always follow his own advice. Isn’t that true of all of us at times? Our experience with Jurgen is that he is tenacious and particularly skilled at identifying great technological solutions for our clients. It’s really great having him on the team and we simply can’t wait to hear the next big idea.

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Last modified: July 16, 2021
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