Meet Andrii, designing our front-end

March 22, 2019
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Paula Ferrai
Meet Andrii, designing our front-end

We are once again putting on our happy hats to welcome the latest addition to our growing team of digital pioneers. Andrii joins us as one of our newest front-end developers and graphic designers at our Kramatorsk office, which already boasts a star-studded lineup of IT mavericks.

After completing his degree in Computer Science in Kramatorsk, Andrii cut his teeth working at various IT agencies in Ukraine, gaining valuable experience with each move. After gaining sufficient exposure, Andrii and a few of his college friends started their own IT business which was a success. After a few years, he then decided that a career change was needed. During his studies, he was drawn to graphic design which provided him with a creative outlet and he decided to pursue it in his spare time. But soon his passion became his primary focus and so he began freelancing as a graphic designer and front-end developer. Andrii explains his shift in career focus, “I was truly fascinated by front-end technologies and by the process of creating something dynamic from a static mockup. After 6 hard and challenging years as a freelancer, I’m still very excited about front-end and graphic design and I am happy to extend my knowledge working at WeAreBrain”.

Andrii is not the first multidisciplinary Brainiac who excels wherever his passion and interest lead him. In fact, this is a common attribute found in all of our team members. This creates a workforce of individuals who are able to truly see the bigger picture and who offer their services in the name of innovation. We constantly seek out lateral thinkers to join our dynamic team, and Andrii is certainly one of them.

“The great thing about front-end development is that every project has its own unique set of challenging tasks, interesting problems to solve, and new technologies or tricks to learn. I also enjoy it because it gives me the opportunity to stay close to what I love the most — graphic design” he says.

As a true creative, Andrii likes to find inspiration from design blogs and journals in order to keep up to date with the latest trends and sophistications. “Signal vs Noise is a great inspirational read, written by some very experienced and interesting guys from Basecamp. It has helped me a lot during the last few years. I read it when I am stuck on something when I’m confused about which decisions to take or just to get inspiration”.

Apart from providing our clients with creative graphic design and intuitive front-end development, what is on the horizon for Andrii? Something full of creativity and colour, of course! “I would love to write a sci-fi book or create some kind of graphic novel. I’d like to explore themes of a hopeless setting with dark humour, treacherous characters but with a lovely happy ending…or not. Haha. I hope to give it a try one day”.

Welcome to the team, Andrii. We are pleased to have you on board and we are very much looking forward to seeing your creative touch in our future projects.

Paula Ferrai

Paula leads our Marketing & Communications team. She’s a brand strategy expert and is perpetually excited about connecting the dots. She loves scuba-diving, yoga, and having fun with her son.

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