How the graphic design space will shape up in 2024

January 2, 2024
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Aruzhan Sariyeva
How the graphic design space will shape up in 2024

Defined by fresh takes and infused with all that has come before, graphic design is an evolving toolkit used by creatives to depict an aesthetic snapshot of our current culture.

We’ve identified the most compelling and influential graphic design trends that are set to define 2024. Try out some of them to captivate your audience and strengthen your brand presence in exciting new ways.

Creative AI

Popular GenAI design tools like Midjourney, Photoshop Beta, ChatGTP, Canva AI, and DALL-E 2 are already changing the graphic design game by providing new possibilities for creatives to level up their designs and creativity. In 2024, we will no doubt witness increased adoption and leverage of these tools to push the creative envelope.

These tools help graphic designers brainstorm ideas and create imagery faster. Client presentations are more detailed as these tools can assist in whipping up concepts and mood boards instantly, streamlining the conceptualisation and approval processes. Additionally, designers can use these tools for practical instances like writing code or ‘expressions’. Some very creative designers are even creating their own AI systems and digital design tools to customise and streamline their processes.

AI will continue to enhance the graphic design processes by providing instant design elements, layouts, and inspiration. To take advantage of AI, graphic designers need to compose effective prompts and provide feedback on the resulting work. How well they master this skill will determine the future of AI design in 2024.

AI generated website Art

Artist: J. Davis

AR fusion

In 2024, augmented reality (AR) will play a greater role in visual design than ever before. Brands are leveraging AR to provide interactive brand experiences that connect the digital and physical worlds.

But it also creates a new experience by blending the two: you can point your smartphone at a print design and see animations, films, and interactive features come to life. This strong user interaction delivers a new dimension of user engagement with both designs and brand stories.

In the years to come, AR will not only be confined to mobiles. As AR technology evolves, so too will basic hardware such as headsets to accommodate AR experiences. The difference is that they will become as pervasive as mobile phones. Apple’s Vision Pro is making great headway in this regard as it caters more to AR-based experiences rather than Meta’s Quest which provides more VR experiences.

Either way, the proliferation of these technologies will require updated skills from graphic designers to take 3D elements to the next level.

Adobe MAX 2023 Location-Based AR Experience

3D design

As a result of our desire to offer immersive experiences that captivate audiences in new ways, we expect a surge in the usage of 3D elements in graphic design in 2024. With 3D elements, brands can tell their stories with depth and realism by incorporating 3D graphics into various creative media, including websites and marketing materials.

As our familiar world is quickly being replaced by virtual reality, we are primed to expect more realistic 3D images both on screens and in our environment.

Artist: George Mikiashvili


In 2024, minimalism will get an upgrade. Designers will embrace an evolved form of minimalism that emphasises the harmonious interplay of white space, muted colour palettes, and elegant typography. This neo-minimalistic approach brings complexity to images and highlights key elements while preserving simplicity.

The allure of minimalism is its enduring nature. It stands in elegant defiance against the coming and going of various trends intent on disruption. Yet it remains stoic in its longevity and simplistic principles, as an antidote to the creative clamour. This is why designers keep returning to it time and time again.

Artist: Valery Cheplygin

Abstract gradients

Gradients have been a popular trend in graphic design for a while now, but in 2024 they will look more abstract, interesting, and artistic. Using vivid colours or experimenting with unpopular colour tones can make a design really stand out. We are super excited to see what creative designs with gradients will make a splash in 2024.

Traditionally, combining non-traditional colours is actually breaking the rules of colours. But in 2024, we’re saying ‘no’ to rules and using it as a message. Brands that choose conflicting colour matches are making a statement that they are bold and not afraid to take risks.

Still, making a statement can look good, too. There should be a pleasant aesthetic to the overall design, so it requires a lot of skill and colour theory to create trending designs with abstract gradients.

Artist: Taylor Thompson

Hand-drawn illustrations

With all this GenAI hype, let’s not forget the importance and unparalleled creative expression of human-made design elements. Hand-drawn illustrations bring an unbeatable element of authenticity to designs, immediately making them unique and memorable.

In an era of creative algorithms, designs or websites or applications with human design elements evoke more emotions from audiences and serve as a much-needed breath of fresh creative air.

Now that GenAI is so pervasive, it is making audiences realise just how important human design elements are, and just how impressive our creatives are at expression. The point is to use AI for some, not all, design choices. While we’re beguiled by algorithms, we always respond best to human creativity.

Artist: Tad Carpenter

Reeded glass effect

A defining element of the Art Deco style, the reeded glass effect is experiencing a remarkable resurgence in graphic design. The effect enhances depth, diffusing light to create intriguing effects that capture the eye.

The effect of Reeded Glass is great for creative design experiments as it can be used in different ways. You can use it to blur an image or element or to add interesting dynamics to text. For the wild ones among us, you can go wild with it in animations as it adds a hypnotic and slightly melancholic sense that makes a statement.



The use of pixels in graphic design is another way we’re paying homage to the 80s and 90s nostalgia aesthetic. Combining pixelled elements with modern high-quality graphic styles will continue to be all the rage in 2024 – from apparel design to layouts and everything in between.

With all the latest technologies creating hyper-realistic designs, some sects of the graphic design space are revolting against the polished aesthetic and are instead returning to the days of 8-bit and Windows/Microsoft 95-styled assets.

Suppose this is what the graphic design kids call “retro” nowadays 🙂

Artist: Ed Reika

Experimental typography

Banners just got a whole lot cooler as unusual typefaces with unconventional letterforms and awkward spacing are gaining popularity with designers. Luxurious typefaces like scripts are placed over experimental layout techniques with overlapping or odd-angled text creating an interesting aesthetic.

Letters with different fonts, sizes, and spacing are great for getting attention, making them a hot trend for logos, banners, album covers, and accent words/phrases on websites and mobile applications.

çHEcK Th êsê ØÜT:

Artist: Olena Smetanina

Artist: Anatolio Spyrlidis

Finishing touches

These top graphic design trends of 2024 reveal a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape where creativity knows no bounds. From the resurgence of retro aesthetics to the bold fusion of digital 3D and hand-crafted organic elements, designers are pushing boundaries and reshaping visual narratives.

Brands leveraging these graphic design trends in 2024 will show they have their finger on the pulse of what makes audiences tick. Crafting brand resonance through thoughtful design elements will continue to foster brand engagement.

How many of these graphic design trends do you plan to use in 2024?

Aruzhan Sariyeva

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