Meet Roman Lotockiy, our Hybris ping pong star

Written by: Laura Tommasina

Roman Lotockiy

It’s a new year and that means we’ve got a few new Brainiacs to introduce you to during the next few weeks. First up, we have the very talented and capable Roman Lotockiy, who joins our tech team as a Hybris developer.

Roman has been code whispering with Hybris for almost 4 years, which makes him quite the expert. But a life of coding wasn’t always on the cards for Roman. He graduated from a military institute with the idea of being involved in the military for the rest of his professional life. It wasn’t until he decided to make the bold decision to pivot his career path to study coding that his life took a turn in another direction.

We love having a team full of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences — it not only makes for a more interesting working environment but it also brings so much diversity to our team’s output. We value different perspectives in our team as our products and services resemble the diversity of our Brainiac family.

“It is very interesting to work on so many different projects. My team and I get to work on all the various parts of the Hybris platform which means there is never a dull moment. What I value most about working at WeAreBrain is the fact that I have been able to gain considerable experience in a relatively short period of time.”

Roman enjoys being an integral member of his team as they are a close group of developers who always have each other’s back when challenges arise. “I know I can always count on my team, and they can do the same with me,” he says.

When he isn’t being a Hybris rockstar in the office, you can find Roman enjoying one of his greatest passions: playing ping pong. Apparently, he is quite formidable with the paddle and has been known to thwart multiple challengers who dare to take him on.

He also likes to play chess, read books, and listen to music while jogging and keeping fit. The three things he cannot live without are: love, faith, and hope.

If given the chance to be anyone for a day, Roman would like to be Albert Einstein so he can learn everything he knew and “see his thoughts clearly”.

Welcome to the Brainiac family, Roman. We look forward to seeing how your Hybris development skills skyrocket in the coming months. See you at the ping pong table 😉

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Last modified: January 14, 2022
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