Meet Viacheslav, a total front-end whiz

Written by: Samantha Wolhuter

We are happy to introduce another member of our Brainiac family. Viacheslav has joined the ranks of our front-end web application development team as a JavaScript developer and is responsible for helping develop amazing and immersive digital experiences.

Apart from his natural ability to summon the JavaScript Gods to create amazing websites, it is what he did prior to coding and developing that makes him stand out. Viacheslav was a manager of a car showroom for 10 years before he made the switch to digital. Apart from the invaluable experience he gained from managing a team successfully for over a decade, Viacheslav lets us know how this experience still helps him in his daily work. “I learned a lot about people and business, which has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for how successful businesses operate both outward and inward. It was here where I realised my passion for using whatever tools at my disposal to help create amazing experiences for customers.”

After leaving his management role, Viacheslav began learning JavaScript development and soon became hooked. He then was hired by promotional product merchandising startup where he worked for several years and helped create many products and contributions to the company’s growth.

So what does he enjoy most about becoming the latest Brainiac to join our weird and wonderful family? “I love the people who work here. Everyone is incredibly talented and so eager to help each other out in any way possible. For me, the best feeling about being a developer is when end-users really enjoy the products you work on. It is a great feeling of satisfaction” he says. This fits in perfectly with Viacheslav’s personal life motto: ‘Everything you work on will yield results sooner or later’.

Apart from managing a team for 10 years, making a career pivot and becoming a developer, and now becoming a Brainiac, Viacheslav’s most important driving factor in life is his daughter. Just like any proud father, he is determined to lay a foundation for his family’s future. The best day of his life, according to Viacheslav, was when he first met his daughter on the day she was born. Aww!

Welcome to the team, Viacheslav! We are happy to have you a part of our family and we look forward to seeing how you make your mark at WeAreBrain.

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Last modified: May 18, 2020
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