Meet Dmitry, Prodigious WeAreBrain Tech Lead and Deep Space Enthusiast

Written by: Samantha Wolhuter

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This week we’d like to introduce Dmitry, a stalwart in the WeAreBrain team and multi-talented tech lead working with Maxeda DIY Group, one of WeAreBrain’s longest-standing clients and the largest DIY retailer across the Benelux. Dmitry has been with WeAreBrain since the inception of the company and has been integral in helping us build our Kiev office.

He is well versed in the tech space as he began his career as a developer and in subsequent years moved into the project management space, enjoying the opportunity to bridge the divide between tech production and client’s business expectations. “I feel that having experience in both fields has made me more equipped to translate clients’ needs to our team to ensure we develop what they had envisioned.”

When he is not at work, Dmitry likes to tinker with Robotics and low-level microchips, enjoying the intricacy of the work. He has a great deal of interest in innovative technologies spending some of his free time reading up on the latest in new technologies that are being developed for the latest space programmes and electric cars. His go-to read is HiTech News

Speaking about electric cars, at the top of Dmitry’s bucket list is to own a Tesla Model S. “It’s amazing really! Green energy combined with beautiful design, I love the way the car looks and being able to drive around in luxury while being kind to the planet sounds like a great life to live:-)”

When asked which event in history he would have liked to witness first hand he explains “I’m very intrigued by space travel and would’ve loved to have been on the Apollo 11 Spaceship and walked on the moon for the first time with Neil Armstrong! What an incredible adventure that must have been.”

Dmitry is very principled in his approach to life and work explaining that there are three things that take a measure of a man, honesty, responsibility and punctuality. Each a value and an action he practices that he feels makes him a better human being.

The three things Dmitry could absolutely not live without are his family, cars and of course the internet. I think we all occasionally wonder how we survived without the big worldwide web 🙂

As a solution-driven person, Dmitry explains “The thing I love most about my work are the ‘small victories’, when a solution I have developed becomes a standard for success at WeAreBrain.”

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Last modified: April 16, 2020
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