Introducing Andrii, master of scrums, runs and sprints

Written by: Jadan McCullough

We’re super excited to introduce another of our tech superstars and lovable Brainiacs. Andrii is one of our talented Scrum Masters, responsible for ensuring his team of developers and engineers consistently delivers the best quality work, on time, every time. 

But what is Scrum anyway, and how does Andrii master it? We suggest lacing up your trainers because this running fanatic is hard to catch – so keep up!

Scrum is a lightweight framework that is a subset of Agile based upon iterative software development used to manage complex software and product development. It’s a rigid, plan-orientated process within the flexible Agile methodology that follows a defined set of rules outlining roles and responsibilities that remain constant throughout the project lifecycle. 

Got it? Let’s move on to what Andrii does exactly.

A Scrum Master guides and facilitates the Scrum to ensure team members deliver what they need as their contribution to sprints – time-boxed deliverable iterations. Andrii facilitates the Scrum each sprint for the project and handles all parts of leading the team, from facilitating team standups, sprint planning meetings, and sprint reviews, to reporting, guiding team members, and administrative duties.

Andrii displays all the qualities needed to be an effective Scrum Leader: he is a good communicator, he understands the Scrum values, and has excellent project management skills. He developed these skills for many years as a Scrum Master and has earned multiple certificates from the esteemed Scrum Alliance.

“I am most inspired by working with true professionals who are determined to discover unconventional solutions to create innovative products that simplify people’s lives,” he says. Driven by this purpose, it makes sense that he joined the WeAreBrain team.

“I enjoy the strong collaboration and support that creates a team culture of continuous learning and improvement which aligns with my personal and professional goals. As a Brainiac, I have the opportunity to make a real impact and achieve great things as a part of a cohesive and forward-thinking team. As a proud Ukrainian, I really appreciate the amazing support that exists among the founders and team members.”

As a true leader, Andrii is always looking to help his team improve. “I always try to find something interesting and useful for my teams so we can learn new skills and find non-standard approaches to problems. For example, webinars, articles, and educational videos from the Scrum Ukraine community.”

When Andrii isn’t mastering Scrums and assisting his team members to develop, he likes to take a step away from his computer – well, a few steps. “I really enjoy running. I do it as much as I can as it’s a great way for me to stay physically and mentally fit. It’s an activity that I can do pretty much anywhere, at any time, and it’s a fantastic stress reliever. It helps me to clear my mind and challenge myself.”

Andrii displays the positivity of a true leader. It helps him take care of himself, challenge negative thoughts, set realistic goals, and shift his perspective to become an example to his team.

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Last modified: May 24, 2023
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