WeAreBrain’s Approach to Talent Acquisition

Written by: Samantha Wolhuter

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Your team is one of the key ingredients to your company’s success. At least that’s the way we feel at WeAreBrain. Over the last 5 years, we have done our best to develop a recruitment process that is effective and enjoyable to go through. We’re still practicing, but we have discovered a few techniques that have changed the way we welcome new people into the Brainiac clan.

Find someone passionate about connecting the dots

And by dots, we mean people, talent, culture fit and business needs. That’s a lot of things to keep track of, which means you need to find someone who is incredibly passionate about talent acquisition. A person who lives the company culture and is very aware of what’s needed for each role so that they recruit the right person. It’s a big role and in 2018 we tasked Oleg, with heading up our HR and recruitment division. It’s important to have someone in the driver’s seat who knows what they’re doing and what to look for.

“Finding the right candidate for the right role is a job that requires more than reading a CV. You need to find someone who fits in with the company’s culture and who loves what they do. At WeAreBrain we have an additional layer to our recruitment process which is centred around ownership. We look for people who are entrepreneurially motivated because everyone who works at WeAreBrain owns part of the company. It’s a big responsibility and we want to always make sure we’ve brought the right people on board to steer their part of the ship” says Oleg.

Finding talent is hard work and the onus has been put on the company to impress the candidate as much as the candidate needs to impress the company. This is why employer branding is another element of recruitment that should not be ignored.

But, what is employer branding?

Well, put simply, it is how you are perceived by current, past and potential employees. There are many sites dedicated to providing candidates with the opportunity to review employees’ experiences. WeAreBrain has created profiles on Good FirmsSoft Suggests and Dou so that people in the tech field can easily search for reviews, as well as learn more about the company and what we do. As an example, on our Software Suggests profile, there is a handy cheat sheet that includes where we’re headquartered, the average annual salary and what size the company is.

It also includes a FAQ about WeAreBrain and shows what kind of industries we work with as well as what our core services are.

Our key strategy with getting onto these platforms was not only to make ourselves more accessible but to also take control of our narrative. It’s important for us to see current and previous employee reviews so we can see what we’re doing right and where we’re tripping up. That way, we can quickly try to resolve problems before they affect our people and their performance.

But it’s not just about reviews

Candidates have the opportunity to learn more about you from several touchpoints. That means you have several ways to impress them. It all starts with your job descriptions. We spend a lot of time crafting ours so that it’s clear who we’re looking for, why a person would like to work with us and what our company culture is all about.

The next key element that you need to take into consideration is accessibility. How easy is it for new candidates to apply for positions at your company? In an effort to make it as simple and straightforward as possible, we’ve created a form directly under each new job description on our careers pages so that potential employees can make their application right then and there.

While we’re talking about forms you’ll see that we’ve kept it short and sweet only asking the necessities. We then close out the form with an opportunity for potential candidates to tell us a little bit more about something they’ve enjoyed working on. We want people to know we care about what they think, and why they think that way.

Interview gold

We’re also very specific about our interview process and we do everything we can to make interviewees comfortable. It seems like this should go without saying but we’ve seen this done wrong a lot. Some of the key things we like to do are:

  • Make sure we don’t make candidates wait when they arrive for their interview
  • Show people around the office. Our Kyiv office just moved into some new digs centrally located (which look great)
  • Depending on where they are in the interview process, we invite candidates to meet some of the people in the team they would be working with to check the chemistry

Once they’re hired, the work has just begun

We know that it’s important to make people feel valued and this is why we have several opportunities for our team to get involved in improving our culture and their work environments. This includes a team that is made up of individuals from a number of departments who look after our team happiness score. It’s a committee of people who work to make sure that not only are our employees happy but that, as a company, we truly live by our brand values. We want to make sure that working at WeAreBrain is as rewarding and fulfilling as possible.

Going into 2020, we expect our team to carry on growing and that means you might just be the next Brainiac. So if you like what you’ve read and you’re looking for something new, go check out our careers page because we can’t wait to meet you!

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Last modified: February 4, 2021
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