Praxis’ AR Floor Planner revamps home DIY

March 23, 2021
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David Roman
Praxis’ AR Floor Planner revamps home DIY

The new AR Praxis Vloercalculator is making DIY home renovations easier and more engaging than ever before. WeAreBrain was approached by our long term Praxis client to build a piece of technology that would help them stand out from their competitors, while also adding exceptional value to their loyal customer base. 

The Vloercalculator allows users to create floor plans for the rooms they’re looking to revamp. Using the app’s innovative functionality, a user can make multiple plans of any given space. Once they’ve settled on the style they like, they’re able to purchase the corresponding flooring such as laminate, linoleum or parquet within the app. The goal was to make DIY projects more interactive and efficient.

A first of its kind

This new AR feature is a game-changer and its functionality is one of a kind, with none of Praxis’ competitors having anything similar on the market. The Vloercalculator uses augmented reality (AR) technology to make multiple plans of rooms in a user’s house, accurately measuring the available floor space. A user can also plan by category, selecting a specific flooring material like laminate and comparing what it may look like in different shades. You’re also easily able to browse products and their prices which are calculated specifically to the area you plan on revamping. From there it just gets easier: you make your purchase in the app, and the flooring materials are delivered to your door.

More than just an MVP

When we began the build, it was our intention to develop a small MVP version. But as the project continued and we fleshed out the details we ended up developing a fully-fledged product that didn’t require more iterations. We also rolled out the technology to Brico, which is the sister company to Praxis in Belgium. In total, the project took our team 2.5 months to finish.

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