Integrating MS Dynamics with Anywhere365® Partner Portal

2023- ongoing

The challenge

Anywhere365® is a SaaS communication provider that offers omnichannel contact centre solutions exclusively for the Microsoft ecosystem. The Dutch-born business maximises workforce productivity by reducing unnecessary dialogues and rethinks Business Communication for more than 2,000 customers globally.

Anywhere365® has established B2B partnerships that supply their solutions to their own customers. To facilitate this, Anywhere365® developed a Partner Portal where each B2B partner can interact with Anywhere365® Microsoft Dynamics through the Sales Module API. This required data synchronisation and integration between the Partner Portal and Anywhere365® Microsoft Dynamics.

Our challenge was to provide an effective solution for the data synchronisation and integration processes from Anywhere365® Microsoft Dynamics to the Partner portal that was both scalable and resilient. Another vendor partner was responsible for the sync from the Partner Portal back to Anywhere365® Microsoft Dynamics.

Our solution

Our team helped develop a full-circle integration system that seamlessly links the Anywhere365® Partner Portal and Microsoft Dynamics. Specifically, we handled the synchronisation from Microsoft Dynamics to the Partner Portal. 

We found an ingenious solution to the data flow issue: since the Partner Portal exposed API endpoints as webhooks for the data flow from Microsoft Dynamics, we used Azure Logic Apps for Dynamics Integration using Microsoft DataVerse with Azure Service Bus for messaging. Additionally, we leveraged Azure App Service to host a .NET application to process service bus messages and send webhooks with retry capabilities. 

For the .NET application, we used Hangfire to process all service bus messages leveraging the out-of-the-box capabilities of tracking, retries, and background jobs. We also used Azure DevOps Pipelines for the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to ensure the development process was efficient and seamless.

At the time of publication, we integrated with 13 Microsoft Dynamics entities in the Azure Logic Apps, processing all Azure Service Bus messages and integrating with Partner Portal webhooks. 


As a result, Anywhere365® has seamless and scalable full-circle integration between its Partner Portal and Microsoft Dynamics. Importantly, we’ve eliminated the risk of lost messages as all tracking and processed messages are now saved and stored in the Azure Cosmos DB. For extra security, we’ve ensured that retries are in place if some webhooks do not process effectively. 

Furthermore, we ensured that the current system is easily scalable thanks to the following processes:

  • Logic Apps can scale automatically in the Azure Cloud as needed
  • Azure Service Bus guarantees the receiving and delivery of messages
  • Hangfire processes all messages with retries and can scale horizontally
  • Azure Cosmos DB guarantees storage availability

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