Building the NOC*NSF Olympic Partner Portal


The challenge

The Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF), the overall coordinating Dutch sports organisation that also functions as the Dutch National Olympic Committee and National Paralympic Committee, required a complete customisation of their existing Participant Portal CMS solution after 8 years of use.

Due to the application’s complete customisation, required updates are costly and, in certain parts, are no longer possible for certain components. We needed to establish a refined submission process for participants, including automation for their personal data checks. The aim was to be able to reuse existing solutions for different Olympic events going forward.

Our solution

In collaboration with our agency partner Clockwork (part of Ordina), WeAreBrain’s development team created a number of new features for the Participant Portal which were deemed crucial to the overall functionality of the product. For example, the functionality of reading passports and a control tool for uploading passport photos was created. The new solution needed to be modular based on architecture principles and the Participant Portal’s existing guidelines. In this instance, modular means consisting of various functional building blocks that can also be replaced separately. This results in it becoming possible to remove certain parts in the event of functional overlap.

Thanks to custom machine learning models together with the impressive Azure Cognitive capabilities, the high demand for personal information recognition processes has been resolved. We have been able to include business functionalities which recognise data from passports of various countries – including the ability to check participants’ photos – and we can now share all the recognition results with the Participant Portal CMS. We have ensured the safe transfer of personal data without the need to save or cache sensitive user data before pre-processing it (excluding GDPR-restricted info, etc.).

The technology

The WeAreBrain development team used Umbraco, Microsoft .NET Framework / .NET Core, and Microsoft Azure (computer vision, custom vision, web apps, Azure service bus) technologies to power the platform. We updated the existing CMS with mastered data organised by exchanges via Azure Service bus messaging. All the participant information, events, and roles are dynamically proceeded by Umbraco when the update comes into the NOC*NSF Participant Portal.

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