Helping DIYers make their homes more sustainable


The challenge

Praxis helps DIYers take the next step in making their homes more sustainable by saving them time, money and effort. With rising energy costs motivating Dutch homeowners to seek sustainable options, Praxis recognized a need for clarity and simplicity.

Research commissioned by the national government revealed that many individuals felt overwhelmed by the complexity of existing sustainability programs and scans. Praxis unveiled an innovative AI-powered feature within their app in response to this challenge.

Our solution

Users can now effortlessly receive personalized energy-saving recommendations by simply uploading a photo of their room and answering a few basic questions about their living space and preferences.

Utilizing advanced image recognition and AI algorithms, the app provides tailored suggestions for energy-efficient upgrades, along with a comprehensive checklist and step-by-step action plan, complete with instructional videos. Additionally, it generates a convenient list of necessary tools and supplies, available for direct purchase from Praxis. Tasks can be easily shared with partners or roommates, ensuring a collaborative effort towards sustainability.

Praxis recognizes the importance of simplicity in empowering customers to make eco-conscious choices. Through this cutting-edge feature, they aim to demystify sustainable living and demonstrate that anyone can contribute to a greener future. This initiative is part of Praxis’s broader campaign, reaffirming their position as the go-to experts in the DIY sector for sustainable home improvement solutions.


  • Launched a new tool within four weeks, ahead of the peak DIY season.
  • Over 30,000 users benefited from the tool’s features between November and February.
  • Integrated Google Vertex AI to leverage generative AI, image recognition, and Search and Conversation capabilities, revolutionizing access to sustainable home improvement solutions.
  • Optimized user experience and reduced upload and question-asking time from 19 to 2.5 seconds.

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