Digitising the dairy trading market with OpenDairy



OpenDairy was founded by a team of dairy and internet specialists who believe commodity transactions should be easy, transparent and accessible for all market players. The combination of their market knowledge and IT background aims to revolutionise the commodity trading industry.

To create this transparency and accessibility they approached WeAreBrain to develop an independent, transparent and full-service marketplace for producers of various dairy ingredients. On this platform, producers contribute a small fee in order to match with potential buyers.


The OpenDairy platform allows buyers to place offers, request quotations and find new partners to trade with.

In addition, OpenDairy gives buyers the opportunity to find matching offers based on their requirements and specifications. They are able to obtain cheaper financing, better logistics and order visibility. Negotiations happen directly with potential buyers and the suppliers decide and agree on the right terms. OpenDairy offers full insight into the order process, by uploading and approving documents that allow you to track and trace orders in real-time.

OpenDairy, much like WeAreBrain, feels strongly about endorsing a more sustainable choice. By offsetting CO2 emissions, having more insight into the production footprint and bringing the value of milk back to the supply chain, they are now able to contribute to a sustainable future for dairy.

We initially went into a definition and design phase in January and we released the first version of the platform at the end of June. OpenDairy, in collaboration with WeAreBrain, will continue to extend the service offering through 2021 with a series of improvements and new releases throughout the second half of the year.


We made use of various technologies such as:

  • Java, which is used to create complete applications that run on a single computer or can be distributed among various servers and clients, as well as clients in a network. Java is also used to build small application modules which are relatively simple.
  • Webflow to create OpenDairy’s website, as well as Hubspot for managing all inbound marketing activities and requests.
  • Vue.js, React and Amazon Web Services.

A word from the jury

A very good project that is disruptive in multiple ways, according to the jury. On one hand, it follows a classic approach by bypassing the middleman. On the other hand, it also adds something positive, especially in this current period. In fact, this could have been the second disruptor that could have been part of 'Digital for Good'. The platform has a global impact on the market and can thus create a significant effect. The jury also positively noted the good collaboration and the impact of the agency involved.
Jury report - Dutch Interactive Awards

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