Powering a digital ecosystem for Anywhere365®


The challenge

Anywhere365® is a SaaS communication provider that offers omnichannel contact centre solutions exclusively for the Microsoft ecosystem. The Dutch-born business maximises workforce productivity by reducing unnecessary dialogues and rethinks Business Communication for more than 2,000 customers globally.

The company needed a refreshed, scalable and secure website that would inspire visitors and turn them into qualified leads. Our goal was to provide a fresh approach to content, design and technology that aligned the different layers of Anywhere365®’s new brand strategy.

Our solution

In collaboration with our Hubspot Platinum Partner, Scherponline, WeAreBrain designed and developed a new corporate website powered with a Hubspot CMS that is now the centre for Anywhere365®’s digital ecosystem.

The CMS combines website creation with the power of a CRM to customise the entire buyer journey and focuses on B2B data capture, sales and lead generation activities.

Conceptually, we aimed to inspire visitors with engaging storytelling based on the client’s brand strategy and positioning with the goal of turning them into customers through relevant triggers and calls to action.



  • In under three months, we successfully implemented the new branding digitally and revamped the website using HubSpot.
  • We enhanced sales and conversions through a streamlined navigation system tailored to the customer journey.

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