Work SaaS and marketplace platform for urban delivery solutions

Year produced
2019 - ongoing
Staffing and Recruitment, Hospitality, Retail
Fully automated online marketplace and SaaS solution


ishipit, a Dutch-based digital marketplace aimed at hiring local delivery couriers, required specialists to design and develop a more efficient automated SaaS and software solution to improve their way of working. While the service and product idea was proven, the technical solution to scale and support automated onboarding, matching, and payment processing was not defined. Within 6 months, ishipit needed to operate in a fully automated fashion.

Our solution

Based on the business and user insights from running ishipit manually, WeAreBrain designed and developed a sophisticated and user-friendly marketplace and SaaS solution offering smart functionality across the board. 

We developed a web interface for buyers (restaurants and shops) to match with local couriers according to many factors such as a courier’s age, availability, and quality scores. Buyers are able to provide scheduling, vehicle type, and the hourly rate (according to age group) they require, and local couriers can apply for the job.

For the couriers needing ease-of-access to the ishipit platform on the go, we developed a native mobile application for both iOS and Android, which offer low energy use, and smart notifications. 

In addition, ishipit required the functionality to monitor the activities of buyers and couriers on the platform, view detailed performance analytics, and to offer support to the users. We developed features that issue fines to couriers who do not deliver good service, and also allows couriers to track their hours to the minute. ID verification, onboarding and payment setup of new couriers and buyers also needed to be automated. Both buyers and couriers are able to receive invoices for their own financial administration.


Enabling 600+ registrations and ±2000 transactions in the first four months, without scaling operations or staff. 

We also developed a completely automated platform, which includes:

Custom Software Development
Product and UX design
Digital Strategy and Consulting
App development (iOS/Android)
Brand Platforms and Portals
PHP Laravel
Native iOS app
Native Android app
Online payment platform

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