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The challenge

Radio Holland, part of PON Holdings, is a leading global marine electronics provider in NavCom, connectivity, integration, and service and maintenance solutions. The company offers various fleet servicing products in over 70 locations along major shipping routes and the nature of its customer relationships hinges on rapid turnaround time.

The client required a streamlined Lead to Quote process that can be fully automated, as their existing process was slow and complicated, and demanded manual intervention at each touchpoint. 

Our solution

WeAreBrain developed a bespoke and fully automated Lead to Quote process powered by AI. The automated solution – or as we like to call it “auto-magical” – is ingeniously designed to improve efficiency and streamline the Sales/Service process for all Radio Holland vessels around the world. The system was created to drive business performance and reduce operational costs while improving customer service relationships.

The product’s headless AI solution is fully integrated with Radio Holland’s existing business systems, eliminating the need to adapt to new interfaces/tools and onboarding staff. All the client needs to do is review and correct AI judgements in their existing business systems, freeing up time for improved customer service. 

AutoML workflows have been fully integrated with the client’s existing business systems which enable teams to automatically train and deploy new AI models without hassle. Now, signal recognition, training, and provisions of ML models for improved judgments are fully automated – meaning the AI is constantly learning to provide improved results. The AI is powered by our very own which also enables the system to automate quotations without human intervention.

The system is built to automate the Lead to Quote process, which not only reduces the need for human intervention but also increases workload efficiency. The AI is designed to continuously learn, eliminating the need for ongoing management services and overheads.


Thanks to our “auto-magical” solution, RadioHolland has been able to drastically cut turnaround time and reduce errors. Additionally, the system has helped to improve inventory management where non-personal data obtained and processed by AI engines contributes to the quality of the client’s Enterprise Data.

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