Meet Ruslan, Discipline Master and Front-end Aficionado

December 27, 2017
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Paula Ferrai
Meet Ruslan, Discipline Master and Front-end Aficionado

Ruslan is one of our trusted developers and our standard of discipline — one of his very many superpowers and an attribute that has determined the difference between success and failure in many of our projects. He handles front-end development and ensures that the functionality is suited to all users, with a specific focus on ease of use and efficiency.

Diving into more technical aspects of his work load, Ruslan creates complex sites with the Drupal Technology Stack — and he’s quite a whiz with it too! Ruslan also works with Rest API and helps to create awesome new websites and digital platforms. He’s friendly, engaging, and always eager to assist in any capacity, making him a true team player and a valuable member of the WeAreBrain team.

So, we’ve shown why Ruslan is such a valuable and handy member of our team, but what does he enjoy most about working at WeAreBrain? “I enjoy creating high-quality, interesting and useful products as a result of the work we do here. I like to make people’s lives better and happier with the help of our high-quality, useful products” he says.

At WeAreBrain, we strive to fill our team with people who are exceptionally talented in their respective fields, but we also look for people who derive inspiration from alternate sources, and who have other interests which help provide them with unique perspectives on their work and the world. Ruslan is no different. He is curious about biology, and wishes he could study how the human mind works and wants to delve deeper. “I would like to study anthropogenesis” he says. This shows Ruslan’s ever curious mind, and how his interests at first seem disconnected to his position, but on deeper inspection they ultimately result in the same thing — the quest for understanding human nature. In web development, we create something out a human need for it. When developing sites, we take into account the user experience, and what purposes the user has for engaging with the site. To understand this, you must understand human nature.

Ruslan has a deep yearning for understanding. He is interested in Eastern philosophy and thinks it might be cool to be a politician “…to change the world…”. But having all these various desires, Ruslan doesn’t like to look too much into the future. “Everyday life is unique and important. I think that everything in life is of great importance” he says. “Trifles are important, they can not be overlooked” he adds. “I do not have bucket list. I enjoy life now”.

Ruslan is certainly one of the many colourful and unique characters we have in our expanding team. Like any business, we value output, but we also place enormous importance on our ‘humanness’. We work long hours chasing deadlines and delivering the highest quality products for our clients, and this means we spend a lot of time together working toward the same goals. We like to surround ourselves with interesting characters like Ruslan to keep the energy levels up and the creative juices flowing. Thanks for being you, Ruslan!

Paula Ferrai

Paula leads our Marketing & Communications team. She’s a brand strategy expert and is perpetually excited about connecting the dots. She loves scuba-diving, yoga, and having fun with her son.

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