Meet Oleksandr B. putting the ‘brain’ in Brainiac

April 8, 2020
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David Roman
Meet Oleksandr B. putting the ‘brain’ in Brainiac

It’s that time again to introduce you to one of our super awesome brainiacs -meet Oleksandr B., uber-awesome SAP e-commerce consultant.

Oleksandr B. is not your average SAP guy — far from it. He has a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and is known as the Rain Man in the office (well, not really, but I’m hoping to start something here). As if acquiring one of the world’s most gruelling degrees wasn’t enough, Oleksandr B. decided to leave the equations behind in exchange for learning how to program. 6 years of Java programming later (4 of which were focussed on Hybris), the mathematician-come-Hybris whiz put on his happy hat to join WeAreBrain at the beginning of this year. We’re so chuffed he did.

So what made Oleksandr B. pivot from working with infinite numbers to only 1s and 0s? “Programming is a really unique form of creativity and I love to create. There is something special about creating endless possibilities from binary. I also enjoy working on my self-development and I am always trying to learn new things”.

He tells us that what he loves most about being part of the WeAreBrain family is that the aim of our business is to help companies conduct their business digitally, and he enjoys being instrumental in that process.

But if you think that solving maths problems and helping us create innovative SAP Hybris solutions for the e-commerce arm of our business is all that Oleksandr B. is about, think again. Oleksandr B. doesn’t only enjoy breaking a mental sweat, he hits the gym often to get his physique in peak condition. And when he is not sculpting his guns à la Arnold style, he likes to spend his time learning about computer graphic technology, including 3D animation and game development. So just to recap: Oleksandr B. is a SAP Hybris consultant with a background in Applied Mathematics, programming, and computer game development who is also a gym rat. Now we have seen it all.

We really enjoy having you on the team, Oleksandr B.! You are the epitome of the WeAreBrain values with your continual quest for self-development and thirst for knowledge.

David Roman

David is one of our marketing gurus. He loves working with content but has a good eye for marketing analytics as well. Creativity is what drives him, photography being one of his passions.

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