Meet Oksana, our colourful QA star

October 18, 2021
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David Roman
Meet Oksana, our colourful QA star

It’s time to shine the spotlight once again on another of our awesomely talented Brainiacs and introduce you to Oksana Marynenko.

Oksana is one of our fantastic QA engineers and is responsible for assisting our team to continue to produce the best and highest possible quality work for our clients. The role of a QA engineer involves identifying and eliminating any defects that may be lurking in the backend of a project. With a high attention to detail, QA engineers like Oksana help to ensure a developer’s code does what it is intended to do in order to achieve the expected results.

“I really like the rather large area of responsibility and variety I am given in my work. It allows me to continuously develop many diverse skills which helps me perform my job better. It’s never boring, which is great” she says.

Oksana’s go-getter mindset has pushed her to broaden her skill-set. While performing the task of QA gatekeeper, she is also currently studying to get a degree in Cybersecurity. Truly impressive work ethic, Oksana!

“I value the great atmosphere in the WeAreBrain team a lot. I receive such incredible support from my colleagues and really enjoy our collaborative approach. What makes being a Brainiac even better is the fact that we work in truly amazing office spaces — I feel so at home here”.

Oksana’s love for travelling and experiencing foreign cultures led her to study abroad in Vancouver, BC, Canada a few years ago. Next on her list of travel destinations is Barcelona, but she would like to learn how to speak a bit of Spanish before she arrives. She also hopes to become fluent in English, Dutch, Arabic, and Portuguese in the future, which gives us insight into where she plans to travel next.

Oksana’s hair is just as bright and vivacious as her personality. She even featured in a hair dye commercial which we are still trying to get hold of for the next office party…

Oksana is mother to fur babies (cats) which she absolutely lives for. They often keep her company when she paints and even join her in her morning yoga routine, copying her stretches and poses — as if cats needed any more namaste in their comfy lives!

David Roman

David is one of our marketing gurus. He loves working with content but has a good eye for marketing analytics as well. Creativity is what drives him, photography being one of his passions.

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