6 Reasons Why Nearshore Developers Will Bring Your Business into the Future

August 31, 2018
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Mario Grunitz
6 Reasons Why Nearshore Developers Will Bring Your Business into the Future

Recently I read that all companies should aspire to be a software or product development company. The idea is not to change course and suddenly invest all your time and resources into building software but rather to adopt a new way of working that is generally associated with software development companies. This means adopting Agile ways of working, using scrum principles and most importantly finding technology experts to help you innovate into the future. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but those companies that stand still in the current business climate have already fallen behind.

You might have heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, Belarus entrepreneur who runs a number of digitally based agencies and businesses and hosts the entertaining GaryVee podcast. Three years ago he wrote a piece about being forward-thinking in business and embracing the changes digital was bringing with it. He encourages you to constantly be thinking about which idea might be the one that puts you out of business and then to pursue that idea as far as you possibly can. If you’re brave enough to have this mindset you’re already in line for a win but the next phase of this kind of big thinking is finding the right team to support it.

Getting the right expertise is imperative and frequently companies go about the long laborious process of recruiting for various positions. Finding good talent is tough, great tech people are in high demand, they cost a lot and many companies aren’t entirely sure of what they need to be on the lookout for. Even when you find the right people you still need to navigate additional obstacles like complex company procedures and old ways of thinking. All this translates into very slow development and time is a luxury many businesses can’t afford. So what is the answer? How do you become ‘like’ a software company?

In this week’s article, we’ll take a second look at nearshore technology teams and how they can drive your business into the future.

1. They know what they’re doing

Chances are, if you’ve selected the right team to partner with, you’ll suddenly be surrounded by a team of qualified people that have a proven track record in technological innovation. Not only that, they’ve worked with other companies and integrating into your company culture and the drive to understand your business is second nature to them. They will also bring a new perspective to your project just because they’ve had the chance to work with a diverse set of clients. At WeAreBrain we have been fortunate enough to partner with all kinds of clients on a number of different projects. Our teams have been exposed to and worked on everything from ecommerce, to online learning, to AI development. With this kind of well-rounded team you’re sure to get a whole host of new ideas that you may never be exposed to otherwise.

2. They help you innovate

My previous point leads into this one. Their knowledge and experience means you will be introduced to new technologies. They’ll have the capacity and ability to create bespoke solutions for your business. However, a good nearshore software and technology development team won’t just help you innovate when it comes to product development, they will also have an impact on your businesses processes. While your team learns more about technology they will also learn how to work in a more agile way. The end game is to make your go-to-market process quick and slick.

3. Get ready to get excited again

Tech geeks usually love what they do. They love to try new things. They’re the inventors of the 21st century. Their enthusiasm is contagious and the energy that comes from an external stakeholder like this will definitely bring excitement back into your organisation. If you feel like you need to dust off the cobwebs because your current solutions are tired and not getting anyone particularly excited then a new, qualified tech team can do this for you.

4. They ask questions

You know you’ve found a winner if your new nearshore team is full of questions. Questions are important for two reasons. The first and obvious reason this is important is, a team that asks questions is a team that is interested and engaged. The second reason, however, is even more important. When you’re asked questions you are forced to really think about why you have chosen to do something in a particular way. Your convictions and beliefs are challenged (in a good way). Suddenly the answer “because we’ve always done it that way” just won’t fly. Your nearshore team will hold a mirror up to you and you’ll see a clearer reflection of what you’re doing well and what you aren’t.

5. A desire to deliver

It’s an interesting phenomenon, when you pay someone external to the business to do a project there seems to be a bigger commitment from both parties to get the job done on time and within budget. When the costs are ‘internal’ costs, shifting deadlines become a little more acceptable. Perhaps because salaries get paid no matter what, you think you’re not paying ‘extra’. But, the truth is, the longer it takes to get a project done the more it costs. When you work with a nearshore team the project scope is defined, deadlines are agreed to and both sides have a vested interest in getting the project done and dusted. This tends to mean you get a more consistent level of delivery. More consistent delivery, means continual forward momentum.

6. Nearshore extended teams spell innovation

Add all of this to the reasons we listed in our last article on extended nearshore teams and it becomes more than evident that having a well-qualified nearshore technology team with a proven track record of success is truly the route to innovation for any business that is ready to ‘put itself out of business’.

In next week’s article, we’ll be taking a look at a few case studies, specifically looking at what kinds of results you can expect when working with a nearshore partner like us.

Mario Grunitz

Mario is a Strategy Lead and Co-founder of WeAreBrain, bringing over 20 years of rich and diverse experience in the technology sector. His passion for creating meaningful change through technology has positioned him as a thought leader and trusted advisor in the tech community, pushing the boundaries of digital innovation and shaping the future of AI.

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