A performance-driven marketing campaign for Klubble

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The challenge

Klubble is a major Dutch online puzzling platform developed by Keesing Media Group, one of the largest puzzle and braintainment companies in Europe. They are a true multinational with 15 offices in 13 countries. Klubble allows users to puzzle online on their computer, tablet or mobile, at their own level, with a great variety of puzzles. With over 25 different puzzle types, customisable proficiencies, and a new puzzle uploaded every day, it’s no wonder the platform has over 5,000 registered players.

The Keesing team wanted to test the market’s response to the Klubble product – a subscription-based online puzzle platform. This required a multi-channel campaign on social media and search engines to identify each channel’s effectiveness for reaching target audiences and converting them into paid subscribers.

Our solution

In collaboration with the online marketing specialists from Stramark, our in-house digital team developed a performance-driven marketing strategy which included search campaigns on Google and paid advertising campaigns on Display, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. To measure the success of the campaigns, different goals were set regarding acquisition costs (cost per subscriber) and ad performance (cost per click and click-through rate).

We took charge of the campaign setup, asset creation, and monitoring. Besides creating assets for advertising, we developed organic content and produced a variety of Reels for their Instagram page. An animated product trailer video was also produced by our marketing team for Klubble’s YouTube channel. A shorter version of the same video was also tested as a pre-roll ad on YouTube.

We also implemented conversion rate optimisation (CRO) practices for the ad campaign which consisted of improving the landing pages based on our analysis of user behaviour data.

Our monitoring and reporting services kept the campaign consistently effective. Bi-weekly meetings were conducted where we reviewed the results together with the Keesing team, presented our findings, and suggested adjustments to the campaign regarding budget allocation, types of creative, and targeting.

The result

After three months of testing across different channels, we were able to provide the Keesing team with detailed insights about:


  • Most effective messaging/USPs
  • Target group insights (age, gender, platform) on:
  • Engagement (with the content)
  • Conversions (trials)
  • Cost-effectiveness of the different channels


We also provided them with our final recommendations for a more elaborate GTM strategy, the features of the product, and the target audiences they could focus on.

Thanks to our efforts, the multi-channel paid campaigns yielded impressive results:

+1.8 million




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