Building the #1 SaaS WFM solution for staffing agencies

2016 - ongoing
HR & Recruitment

The challenge

By 2020 40% (EY2016) of US workers will be engaged in some form of temporary employment (20% now). With this in mind and realising how workers are being recruited and managed is already changing, clevergig approached WeAreBrain for assistance with the creation of their vision, aiming to have an MVP for distribution in 2016.


  1. Build and launch a successful MVP
  2. User testing and validation
  3. Drive traffic and generate PR
  4. Onboard first clients and generate revenue

Help secure the first round of funding

Most importantly the product needed to have great UX. The vast majority of workers operating in the global flexible workforce are millennials and expectations of a tech product are extremely high. The clevergig platform had to be easy to use and easy to love. It needed to be so intuitive that adoption would be second nature.

Our solution

We built a cloud-based Software as a Service solution, with a highly scalable micro-service-based front-end and back-end.
As an agency that promotes international engagement, a dedicated sprint team operating out of Amsterdam, Kyiv and Geneva held daily stand-ups and utilized software support tools to ensure the seamless execution of the project.

The team held both heavy-weight tech and marketing expertise, working together to design and develop an app, a website and an online marketing program for the MVP launch. The project was delivered on time and in the budget.

Using an agile development process with continuous delivery each sprint cycle, along with direct validation and user testing allowed for optimal team and project performance.
Co-creation with trial customers made us fortunate to optimise usability and functionality in real-time, ensuring that clevergig is the best usable HR solution.

On a technical level, the focus was on platform openness. With Public API, developers are able to build their own custom functionalities.

On performance, scalability & security, the combination of AWS Amazon cloud and container infrastructure (Docker) allowed us to handle traffic spikes, protect data from external threats, and be smart about infra budget, to keep clevergig affordable. The micro-services architecture keeps components small and independent from each other. On the engineering level it makes talent onboarding & team scaling fast and efficient. Machine learning makes the platform capable of analyzing customer data for workforce optimization.

Key MVP features:

  • Add workers to the (workforce) pool, search, filter, and rank them
  • Approve new workers and tag their skills
  • Push out single or multi-day shifts or projects to relevant workers
  • Expand your pool of workers, via your company URL in recruitment campaigns”

The result

Clevergig is a successful Startupbootcamp (SBC) alumni and got acquired by Visma in 2023 after having scaled the business to 20+ employees and passing the magic number of 1 million processed shifts.

What the client had to say

The whole project is a perfect example of what happens when you collaborate. Allowing users to be part of the design and delivery process in such an artful way makes the leaders of this business quite unique.
Michel Pilet, CEO and Founder

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