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Organising an event is hard work. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that you need to put together to ensure that everything goes perfectly and when you get all the pieces in place you are likely to have an incredible event but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Imagine you could get help with communicating your event to a wide audience, and managing ticket sales and finding venues which allow for a specific number of attendees? Wouldn’t that make putting an event together so much easier?



WeAreBrain created an exciting Event Bot - a powerful and dynamic solution that addresses all of this and much more, through a super smart Facebook Messenger chatbot.
Our Event Bot can organise and manage your guest list and let you know who is attending and who has to cancel last minute via signups.
You can get into the party spirit by listening to Spotify playlists, and you can also pre-book a taxi and plan your route to and from the event - we don’t want you drinking and driving! You can even organise your own event with our Event Bot. Just tell the bot your party requirements, including food, drinks, decorations and more, and the bot, through the Heineken NOW service, will deliver your order right to your house in just 30 minutes! With an efficient and user-friendly registration via a mobile webapp, event hosts are able to register visitors easily. And with transparent event reporting in a custom webportal powered by, event organisers are able to witness the effectiveness of their event and venue in real time.


Hosting events has never been this easy!

In the first year, 50-55% of event registrations happen through Facebook messenger, without any additional marketing of this channel. We also noticed a slighter higher 'show' percentage for the customers who registered via the chatbot, comparing to the online web form.

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