Sico is here to kick butt and design UX…and he’s just finished the design part

March 10, 2020
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David Roman
Sico is here to kick butt and design UX…and he’s just finished the design part

If you’re just as interested about finding out more about our impressive band of Brainiac cool kids as we are then you’ve come to the right place. So interested are we to find out more, that we have dedicated this article series to learn more about what our team members get up to in their spare time — what butters their toast, what Roberts their DeNiro if you will.

This week we chatted to Sico, our hiptastic UX design intern, to find out more about his dedicated passion for Thai boxing. So we strapped on our proverbial gloves and got sparring — here’s what we found out.

Q: When did you get started with Thai boxing?

I started a year ago when my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to join her Thai boxing classes so we could take some classes together. She previously had a few year’s experience with Thai Boxing and she wanted to pick it up again. So, I joined her for a few classes and I immediately was hooked. After a few months, I started to notice that I was getting better, and so I began to get more and more excited about it which made me work harder. Actually, I just didn’t want my ass being kicked by my girlfriend, but please keep that a secret hahaha.

Q: What is it about Thai boxing that you like the most?

I really like the feeling of getting more control over my body. And when you know how to move in a particular way that was impossible to do before. It is a fair sport. If you put enough effort in you will see some great results in the end. Boxing is also really nice to do with your partner. I think couples in a healthy relationship who like to stay active enjoy a bit of friendly competition participating in a sport or activity together.

Q: Have you entered any competitions?

No, not really. For now, I just do it for myself to get more control of my body and to be in better shape.

Q: What are the key principles of Thai boxing? What should a newbie know?

The most important thing I learned in a short period was that you really have to practice and work hard on your balance. If your balance is not right your kicks and punches won’t have that much impact or you will slip and fall and be an easy target. And one other important thing is to remember that when you kick, you should throw your hips into it to have more impact. You have to use your leg like a whip. But if you are interested in Thai boxing I just would recommend taking a few classes with professional instructors. I don’t think it’s a sport you should try out by yourself because you might end up with an injury.

Q: Do you have any Thai Boxing heroes or role models?

I don’t really have any Thai boxing role models as such, but as a kid, I used to watch all the Ong-Bak movies with Tony Jaa. If you like good stunts and good action with some kick-ass Thai boxing those are definitely movies worth watching. But don’t expect good acting or a wonderful backstory because it is all about long fight scenes and loads of yelling and shouting.

Thank you for the chat, Sico! It’s always great getting to know more about what makes our Brainiacs tick behind the scenes. Now that we know you are a trained Thai boxer we will think twice about deliberately misplacing your coffee mug in the office each morning…

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