Meet Pavel, our new Kramatorsk office manager

July 9, 2019
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David Roman
Meet Pavel, our new Kramatorsk office manager

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new office manager, Pavel Krishtal. He will be helping our Kramatorsk office run as smooth as the first sip of a weekend drink and as efficiently as the Japanese metro. We’re all smiles from ear to ear when our team of tech geeks grows because it means we are headed in the right direction.

WeAreBrain is all about people. ‘People’ in general, yes, but most importantly our people. We take good care of our own and we always put our team’s needs first (no, we don’t currently have our copywriter’s contract threateningly close to a burning match as she writes this). We recently shared a well-kept company secret that we offer each of our Brainiacs shares in our business because we believe a sense of ownership exposes the best possible attributes in everyone. And so when we first met Pavel, we immediately felt a kindred spirit in that we both have a deep passion for people and their well-being. So it was a natural fit for Pavel to be our new office manager in our new Kramatorsk office. “I love providing a comfortable working environment for all of our team members. This is really important to me. WeAreBrain clearly values their team members and provide really great ways of ensuring their health and happiness, which makes my job easier” says Pavel.

Much like every great artist requires a helpful assistant and every great band needs a reliable (and sober) roadie, so do great developers and IT hotshots need a great office manager to keep things running smoothly. Without them, these creatives will be unable to create the magic they are expected to and so the whole painting, rock show and application will fall short of its potential. And so Pavel plays an important role in our Kramatorsk office’s success, and we are more than confident he is up to the task.

A deeply religious man, Pavel is always rejoicing his blessings. He is a proud father to his son, loving husband to his wife and he has a hidden talent that not many people are aware of — until now. Pavel is a really good saxophonist and he lets his personality shine through the high notes. “Not many people know that I play the saxophone but it is something I really enjoy, almost as much as I love fishing”. Roll over, Kenny G — Pavel is coming in hot!

Welcome to the team, Pavel. We are happy to have you running our Kramatorsk office as we know that the team is in good hands. We look forward to seeing how you make your mark with us, and we can’t wait to hear your saxophone melodies at our next office party!

David Roman

David is one of our marketing gurus. He loves working with content but has a good eye for marketing analytics as well. Creativity is what drives him, photography being one of his passions.

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