Introducing Oleksandr, a DevOps veteran and DJ and on the decks

February 1, 2021
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David Roman
Introducing Oleksandr, a DevOps veteran and DJ and on the decks

It’s that time again! We’d like to introduce you to another Brainiac. Meet Oleksandr Beloglazov. He joined WeAreBrain as a DevOps Engineer for one of our systems teams. Even though Oleksandr is relatively new to WeAreBrain he’s had years of experience in the DevOps role, and we’re really excited to see the interesting perspective Oleks brings to his role here with us. He’s particularly passionate about improving infrastructure and says that good communication between teams is the way to achieve the best results. 

We asked him what his favourite part about working at WeAreBrain was and he explained “WeAreBrain is made up of a team of really talented cool people who work on really interesting projects. This kind of environment stimulates my imagination and ideas.” We’re so happy to hear this, because we feel the same way. 

When he’s not hard at work at WeAreBrain, Oleksandr likes to do a little DJing on the side and he has a rather impressive collection of vinyl LPs. In fact, Oleksandr is such a musical enthusiast that when asked if he could go back in history to any event he said: “I’d like to go back in time to the period between 1991 and 1995 and go to the concerts of some of my favourite artists that were popular at that time.” With this kind of passion for music, we bet you can guess who’ll be on the decks at the next WeAreBrain party!

Music isn’t Oleks’ only passion. Travelling through Portugal and biking from Berlin to Amsterdam lie at the top of this music-man’s bucket list. “I enjoy travelling and I believe that seeing the world makes you a richer person”, he explains.

Oleksandr also likes to keep up to date with the latest trends in the DevOps space so you can frequently find him browsing Rebrain, a website that hosts online workshops, for coders and software engineers. “Being good at my job means constantly upskilling myself. The learning never ends” says Oleksandr and we couldn’t agree more! 

His approach to everything can be nicely summed up by his personal mantra “Don’t stop, but move slowly.” It speaks to the way he deals with problems in his day-to-day. “Quitting isn’t really an option but, sometimes, to get to grips with an issue you need to slow down and think. It makes all the difference.” 

We’re very pleased to have you on the team Oleksandr and we’re sure your measured approach to life will reap great results for WeAreBrain as well! Welcome to the team!

David Roman

David is one of our marketing gurus. He loves working with content but has a good eye for marketing analytics as well. Creativity is what drives him, photography being one of his passions.

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