Introducing Sergey, Front-end dynamo and history enthusiast

March 6, 2018
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Paula Ferrai
Introducing Sergey, Front-end dynamo and history enthusiast

Sergey is another of the WeAreBrain front-end magic renegades. Prior to joining us he worked as a team lead for a CCS development team in one of Kiev’s larger international product companies, CrazyDomains an Australian company with a development office in Kiev. Sergey explains “We worked on solving some difficult challenges and it provided me with a great deal of experience which I find myself using in my job at WeAreBrain all the time”

“I enjoy the creativity that comes with front-end design, it’s like I get to breathe life into the vision behind the design and turn it into dynamic web page”’ says Sergey. “Working at WeAreBrain has also given me a lot of flexibility to really do new things, I think the atmosphere is just perfectly set to brew innovation.”

Sergey is a volleyball enthusiast, having played throughout university. Currently, he hasn’t been able to continue with the game in recent years, life and work seems to keep him too busy but he has said if a casual game was called at one of the office parties he’d be the first to sign up:-)

When asked who he might want to be if he could swap places with someone for a day he replies with a measured response. “I would like to change a lot in my country (Ukraine), but, unfortunately, it really couldn’t be done in a day so instead I think I’d choose someone I simply couldn’t be in reality, say for example a famous sportsman or artist! Actually come to think of it an airplane pilot for a day would do just fine:-).”

Sergey often finds himself wondering about some of the man-made wonders of the world. “It seems incredible that things like the pyramids were built they way they were with such limited technology, so I think if I were to go back in history to view a specific event I’d like to be around when Moai was made, the monolithic human figures you find on Easter Island in Eastern Polynesia.

Not surprisingly Sergey is an avid lover of traveling and his bucket list is just full of famous destinations he’d like to visit. Checking off each one as he traverses the globe taking in all the sights, sounds and flavours of all the different cultures he would experience.

Sergey likes to follow up on the latest trends in the front-end arena and particularly enjoys skimming through and because it generally covers articles on UI development. We’re really happy to have such a talented individual on our team.

Paula Ferrai

Paula leads our Marketing & Communications team. She’s a brand strategy expert and is perpetually excited about connecting the dots. She loves scuba-diving, yoga, and having fun with her son.

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