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Meet Ruslan, our QA bug exterminator

June 26, 2018
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Mario Grunitz
Meet Ruslan, our QA bug exterminator

Ruslan is one of the latest additions to our team of off-the-wall tech creatives and will assist us in the role of QA developer. He will be responsible for tracking down and finding bugs in code to ensure our projects and programs run smoothly. Bugs can be pesky at the best of times and can derail an entire project at the worst of times, so it is a rather important task we are asking of Ruslan. After taking a bunch of PHP developing courses Ruslan was sufficiently equipped to start his journey in the QA developing world and we are excited to see just what his full capabilities are.

So, what are his initial thoughts about joining the WeAreBrain team? “I really enjoy the fact that the entire team is involved in developing products — it’s a joint effort and that makes me feel like I am an important member of the business” he says. “I also enjoy communicating with clients and getting to the bottom of what their needs are, and then being able to provide it for them” he adds.

Ruslan has dreams — not only of wowing us all with his QA developing skills — but also to learn Spanish and travel to Palma de Mallorca someday. “I’ve always wanted to visit there and be able to speak the language in order to be able to fully experience the culture” he says. He would also like to be “…the captain of a pirate ship…” but we have a feeling that dream might be a little more difficult to achieve. That being said, Ruslan’s personal motto is ‘Never give up’ so perhaps we may have a future Jack Sparrow in our midst.

If you have been following our previous installments of our Team Profiles you will know that an overwhelming majority of our crew have said that they would like to go back in time and experience what life was like during the time of the dinosaurs — and you guessed it, Ruslan is no different. “If given the chance I would really enjoy time-traveling back to the Jurassic period to see with my own eyes just what it must have been like with giant lizards roaming about” he says.

When Ruslan isn’t roaming through jungles of code on the hunt for bugs and discrepancies, you can find him sat around a table with people trying to read their minds. Well, not really. Ruslan enjoys playing poker in his spare time and we hear that he is quite the hustler. Perhaps it’s because he spends most of his time looking for discrepancies in code that he has acquired a knack for doing it with people too, which gives him a competitive edge.

And who knows, perhaps after a string of luck he’ll be able to fly himself to Palma de Mallorca by seaplane. Until then, he’ll be trying his hand and hedging his bets at becoming the best bug hunter in the West (and East).

Mario Grunitz

Mario is a WeAreBrain Co-founder. With more than 15 years of experience in the tech space, he has worked all over Europe and held countless leadership positions in corporate, startup and agency spheres.

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