Meet Lisanne, our savvy social media whiz

March 7, 2022
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Paula Ferrai
Meet Lisanne, our savvy social media whiz

Are you ready to meet another amazing Brainiac? Great! Because we absolutely love introducing you to our fantastic team members for you to get to know more about the colourful characters behind what we do every day.

We are super happy to introduce you to Lisanne, our kickass social media manager who works exclusively for our long-standing clients, Praxis. Lisanne is responsible for planning Praxis’ social media calendar, creating the visuals and copy of the content, and ensuring each unique post is scheduled properly. Each month she compiles data analytics reports on the performance of each post and campaign to ascertain what is working and what requires adjustment.

Lisanne is a Master’s degree graduate in Marketing from VU Amsterdam. Her studies have helped her master the scientific aspect of marketing and social media which she brings to the table in abundance. “I also continuously teach myself the practical part of social media — this is just a fancy way of saying I spend way too much time scrolling and participating on social media in my free time,” she says.

But Lisanne’s job duties involve a lot more complexity and skill than she lets on. “As a social media manager, you have to work around the nuanced algorithms of the social platforms. But within those algorithms, you have the opportunity to get very creative. Just because things are done in a certain way for a long period of time doesn’t mean that that is the correct way to go. Sometimes you need to switch things up, try new things, and see what it brings you.”

Being a driven go-getter, Lisanne isn’t content with just having her Master’s degree and working in a really great, award-winning (and modest) tech agency: she is an entrepreneur, too. Lisanne started her own candle-making business as a side hustle, too. Light it up, Lisanne 🙂

When she isn’t creating social media campaigns or pretty candles, Lisanne really likes thrift shopping and drinking wine. “A glass of good wine makes me happy. It’s like the wine glass has slowly been stitched to my hands so I guess at this point it’s become part of me.”

Lisanne has two cats who she absolutely adores for two reasons: being cute and fluffy, and for the lifestyle they lead. “I wish I could be one of my cats for a day. Wouldn’t it be awesome to just sleep, move a couple of meters and sleep again, eat some crunchy cat food, destroy some furniture, do some more stuff you’re not allowed to do and then just sleep again? Man, life would be GREAT.”

You do make the feline life sounds really appealing, Lisanne. We are so happy to have you part of our team and we are thrilled with the quality of work you are doing for one of our favourite clients, Praxis.

See you at the next staff party where you can show us how to sew a wine glass to our hands 🙂

Paula Ferrai

Paula leads our Marketing & Communications team. She’s a brand strategy expert and is perpetually excited about connecting the dots. She loves scuba-diving, yoga, and having fun with her son.

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