Meet Iryna, our QA Engineer

May 26, 2021
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David Roman
Meet Iryna, our QA Engineer

It’s that time again! We’d like to introduce another of our incredible Brainiacs. Iryna is a QA engineer and she works on our Maxeda and Fidji teams. She has been in the QA game for just over 4 years now, and what she enjoys the most about her role is the quality products that are brought to market as a result of the work she does on a day-to-day basis. Iryna is very team-oriented and the team at WeAreBrain is the number one thing she likes about working with us. We feel very honoured Iryna!

About Iryna

When we asked Iryna who she would be if she could be anyone for a day, she provided a very interesting answer. “I’d like to be myself at around 3-5 years of age, but with my current memory and abilities,” she said. That sounds like the beginning of a child prodigy story to us. And talking about going back in time, the one superpower Iryna wishes she had is the ability to time travel. We think we’re starting to see a trend ;-).

Iryna puts great emphasis on spending time with friends and family, saying that along with staying true to her personal values, they are among the top three things she could simply not live without. This QA engineering star is also fearless! Her personal mantra is “don’t be afraid of anything – Yolo!” While we appreciate the perspective of ‘you only live once’, we’re still not so sure about not being afraid of anything. What about snakes and spiders? 

At the top of Iryna’s bucket list is a Tesla Cybertruck, and if you’ve never seen one before it looks like it’s come straight from the future. It has a virtually impenetrable exoskeleton, armoured glass and loads of storage space. Autopilot comes standard in all models! 

Iryna, it’s great to have you on the WeAreBrain team and we just know your commitment to quality and your love for future-focused products will help us deliver better projects for our clients.

David Roman

David is one of our marketing gurus. He loves working with content but has a good eye for marketing analytics as well. Creativity is what drives him, photography being one of his passions.

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