Meet Eugene, our new Hybris man of action

February 11, 2020
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David Roman
Meet Eugene, our new Hybris man of action

What does our amazing team of talented Brainiacs have in common with, say, the observable universe? Both are expanding. And much like the universe, our band of tech trailblazers and creative gurus is full of vibrant energy, shining stars, and infinite possibilities. Our most recent expansion comes in the form of Eugene, our new Hybris Consultant and all-around Java whisperer who is keen to make his mark at WeAreBrain in a groundbreaking way.

Eugene previously worked as a Java Developer for 7 years before becoming a Brainiac. He worked for a diverse range of companies in various marketplaces which has given him a keen sense of how businesses operate at a granular level. “I gained vital exposure to the mechanics of varying components in business. I worked primarily in product development, outsourcing, and staffing. It gave me so much experience and taught me how to communicate and work as a team member in different projects”.

Eugene enjoys being involved in each step of the product development process. A hands-on approach to work is a characteristic we search for when recruiting new Brainiacs as it shows a sense of interest and ownership, which leads to better products. “I love being able to see the final result of my and my team’s hard work and how it benefits the customer. Receiving feedback from users is my favourite part as it opens up a dialogue between the development team and the end-user. And it informs us on how to make it better for them”.

When we hear how passionate our Brainiacs are about how their work positively impacts the end-user, it brings us so much joy because this is why we do what we do. At the heart of every product and service we create, and every venture we set out to develop, it’s how we can make life easier and more meaningful for each and every user, ultimately trying to leave the world a better place than we found it. It’s that simple. So when our team members use this ethos as a driving force behind every thought and every piece of code, it makes us realise that we are succeeding in fostering the right culture here at WeAreBrain.

When Eugene isn’t being the embodiment of the WeAreBrain values, what tickles his fancy? Well, he loves to read. But if you’re thinking Austen or Hemingway you clearly haven’t met Eugene. The man is all about perfecting his craft and furthering his understanding in order to be more useful to the team. “I prefer to read several publications and information sources because each author has their own opinion. So I like to research different opinions and then formulate my own. This is the only way to be better, in my opinion.”

Welcome to the Brainiac family, Eugene! We can see that you are determined to make an impact with panache and we look forward to seeing more of your Hybris Consultancy moves in action.

David Roman

David is one of our marketing gurus. He loves working with content but has a good eye for marketing analytics as well. Creativity is what drives him, photography being one of his passions.

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