FireFinch and WeAreBrain create world’s first lifestyle platform for the Quintastic generation

November 21, 2018
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Elvire Jaspers
FireFinch and WeAreBrain create world’s first lifestyle platform for the Quintastic generation

FireFinch is very excited to launch TheOptimal.Me, the world’s very first lifestyle platform for the Quintastic generation — people aged 50 and over who are still active, attractive and successful, enjoying life’s ferocious second wind of vitality.

Our client realised the need for a wellness platform specifically catered to people aged 50 and above. With so many fitness and wellness apps out there targeted to young adults, older generations struggle to find wellness solutions which cater to their specific needs. FireFinch collaborated closely with WeAreBrain for over 4 months to provide innovative tech solutions focused on functional fitness and wellness for the body, mind and spirit. Using Drupal 8, iOS and Android technology, TheOptimal.Me gives users expert advice, the latest information and guidance on how to make the best of the best years of your life.

TheOptimal.Me is an easy to use, intuitive platform which uses videos, articles and how-to’s to share valuable information regarding health and wellness. The team created a series of fitness workouts, stretches and technique instructional videos and carefully curated nutrition plans to help matures lead a holistic lifestyle. We are currently working on releasing TheOptimal.Me mobile app in December 2018.

TheOptimal.Me will be released in predominantly English-speaking countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

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Elvire Jaspers

Elvire is WeAreBrain’s CEO. She has worked in the tech industry for many years, successfully running and selling her own start-up in 2017. With a big passion for sailing, she's very keen on conquering the seas (besides the tech space).

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