Elvire Jaspers, WeAreBrain’s CEO, is announced as one of TheNextWomen100

September 18, 2019
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Paula Ferrai
Elvire Jaspers, WeAreBrain’s CEO, is announced as one of TheNextWomen100

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Elvire, WeAreBrain’s CEO and all-around tech and startup Wonder Woman has been included in the 2019 TheNextWomen100 list. This is the first time she has been included in the list and we’re so excited that she is getting the recognition she deserves for being the entrepreneurial powerhouse and excellent leader that she is.

Her inclusion in the list was announced on Monday evening at TheNextWomen dinner held in Amsterdam. According to the organisation:

“TheNextWomen100 aims to promote an inclusive eco-system of entrepreneurs and enterprises. In this eco-system startups, investors, entrepreneurs and corporate businesses bear the responsibility towards one another to stimulate the economy, by advising and investing in each other.”


According to the Institute of Women’s Leadership, globally, only 24% of the senior leadership roles are held by women. TheNextWomen organisation reports that within the start-up space in the Netherlands, only 8% of all high-growth entrepreneurs are women. Women are also poorly represented in the investor world and only 5% of female start-ups successfully gain access to venture capital. With women representing 50% of the population, it becomes easy to see why these statistics, while improving slowly, are still worrying.

“TheNextWomen100 is the only research & development project, fund and network that focuses on bringing experienced female entrepreneurs and innovative startups together.”

The organisation’s vision goes beyond supporting women in their professional endeavours, its intention is to also grow the Dutch economy as a whole. By supporting female-lead high-growth startups the whole startup eco-system in The Netherlands is stimulated.

As mentioned in TheNextWomen’s latest press release, All the women on this year’s list ‘have a minimum turnover of € 2 million in the 2018 financial year, with 33% of this list even exceeding € 10 million in turnover. In addition, 70 out of 100 entrepreneurs still own 50% or more of the shares this year. With statistics like this, it becomes evident why these women are the major players in the entrepreneurial space in The Netherlands.

When chatting to Elvire after the announcement she said this: “Being in the top 100 for the first time as an entrepreneur is such a great honour. To be recognised by TheNextWomen 100 and to be part of this group of amazing women makes it feel like the years of hard work and risk-taking have paid off. I also believe that I, along with the rest of the women on this list, have a responsibility to be a good role model, and hopefully an inspiration to other women who are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs.”

“We’ve seen great improvement in how women are viewed and valued in the workplace, gender equality is, for example, something that we take very seriously at WeAreBrain. But unfortunately, that is still not the case in a lot of companies. It is my wish that the next generation of women grow up in a world where they have the same opportunities and recognition as men. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!” she adds.

WeAreBrain’s commitment to supporting female tech leadership is a testament to Elvire’s ongoing dedication to the promotion of women in tech. As statistics around the gender pay gap continue to show very little, to no progress in certain areas, it becomes the responsibility of businesses and organisations like TheNextWomen to champion the cause of equity in the workplace. We’re very excited about the platform this accolade gives the business and Elvire to continue her good work in ensuring the success of more women in leadership.

Paula Ferrai

Paula leads our Marketing & Communications team. She’s a brand strategy expert and is perpetually excited about connecting the dots. She loves scuba-diving, yoga, and having fun with her son.

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