How being bold helped build the WeAreBrain Brand

January 31, 2019
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Paula Ferrai
How being bold helped build the WeAreBrain Brand

Being bold is a challenge that we take up every day. It means we question the status quo and hold ourselves to a higher standard of discovery. We put ourselves out there, on display, because the win is worth it and a loss is a lesson.

2019 marks our 5th anniversary and over the last five years, we have not only been building a business but also a set of ideals. We have chosen to hold ourselves to high standards and being bold is one of them. We encourage our team and our clients to be bold in their choices and in the ideas they want to share with the world.

We have chosen to challenge traditional ideas of what a technology agency looks like and how it operates in the 21st century. We have done this by consistently trying new things, starting our own ventures and building new software. If we believe something is worth the time and the money we invest both. Before the idea of the gig economy became popular we were pioneering the clevergig concept from our Amsterdam office. When the world was talking about chatbots we were building workbots. We already understood intrinsically, how important RPA would be in changing the way people work so we built

We like to say yes to ideas. This has lead to two things, learning to fail fast and learning how to pivot. Sometimes things didn’t turn out to be what we thought. It’s happened to us here at WeAreBrain and it has happened with some of our other ventures like clevergig. Learning to adjust the way we think quickly and then put that into action has seen us through to our biggest successes in the last five years.

When we decided what kind of image we wanted to share with the world, how we’d like to represent our brand, we knew that we wanted it to be as bright and out-there as we were. This is how we settled on our luminescent colour palette which features bold hues of yellow, pink, turquoise and a minted green that anchor the brand, supported by a rich purple and midnight blue.

The WeAreBrain logo, made up of this eclectic palette has the ability to morph shapes and positions which represents the dynamism of the WeAreBrain brand and way of thinking. Hell, we even created our own alphabet once!

It’s not just in the colours we use to express ourselves it’s also in our brand promise that we live by on a day to day basis:

We are in the business of ideas, entrepreneurship and technological invention — researching, inventing and building products. We empower visionaries to create meaningful brands and are committed to shaping the most successful, sustainable and customer-centric organisations of tomorrow

Our brand represents the heart of the company and it helps remind us what our mission is as a company. That our intention is to leave the world a little better than what we found it and to do this you need to be brave and you need to try new things. We encourage everyone to be the crazy kid with the wildest dreams and inventions in their head and then pursue those dreams with abandon.

We will never stop innovating. We intend on boldly going where no tech agency has gone before and we hope that in five years time you’ll all still be along for the ride!

Paula Ferrai

Paula leads our Marketing & Communications team. She’s a brand strategy expert and is perpetually excited about connecting the dots. She loves scuba-diving, yoga, and having fun with her son.

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