5 Stories About Nearshore Technology Team Success

September 7, 2018
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Elvire Jaspers
5 Stories About Nearshore Technology Team Success

WeAreBrain is not a business that just likes the concept of Nearshore development teams in theory. We have spent over a decade honing our skills and understanding of the principles of Nearshoring and Extended Teams. Over time, and in partnership with our incredible clients and amazing team, we have built three pillars that support our Nearshore offering. We have experimented with methods of collaboration and made adjustments where necessary. Realising that no two partnerships are the same, ensuring our own adaptability and being open to change has helped us become more effective with the service we provide. The three options of nearshoring we confidently offer are:

  1. Team as a Service: This has seen us dedicate time to building grooming and growing technology teams all the way from recruitment to pay-rolling.
  2. Engineers on Demand: Often clients only need support during specific times and projects. In this case, we’re committed to sourcing and supplying the right kind of engineering a software development they need.
  3. Product Design, R&D and Consultancy: Many brands and businesses have realised the need to innovate in their industry but don’t know where to start. In cases like these, we provide software design, R&D and development services that help them get ahead.

We promise this article really isn’t about trumpeting our own horn. To really explain why we’re so passionate about nearshoring we feel the need to share our own experiences and the success stories that we have celebrated with our clients. So without further ado, here are 5 of our favourite nearshore development projects.

1. For Agencies: Digitising the Traditional Agency

Advertising has been around since, well as long as we can remember it but with the rise of digital technologies, many traditional agencies have struggled to pivot and revise their service offering. A while ago, a notable European agency approached us to help them do exactly that. So WeAreBrain facilitated the setup of a nearshore expert technical team that included taking over a CTO position temporarily. We specifically focussed on Open Source projects and the technical execution of the agency’s digital concepts. The first year of our collaboration resulted in 2 award nominations and the retention of 3 key accounts. We were also able to assist them in adding 25% to their new business portfolio.

2. For Startups: Bring the talent, bring the noise NYC

We love working with startups. It’s always exciting but, through experience, we’ve become very aware that many startups fail because of over-expenditure in the early phases. It’s incredibly important to build a roadmap and stick to it as closely as possible. With the case of a New York based startup, we used their roadmap and 18 months business plan to identify a pool of senior full stack developers and architects to run continuous delivery projects with the company’s CTO. Our efforts to increase the startup’s output by 50% and reduced their burn rate by 40%, ultimately resulted in doubling their bottom line profit margin within the 1st year of our collaboration.

3. For Corporates: Connecting retail and online

The core of this project was to scale up the company’s R&D operations. By facilitating the setup of a nearshore development we assisted them in building new online services that integrated the business’ existing ERP and retail solutions. But setting up a team is generally not enough to secure consistent success so we also spent a great deal of time coaching their team, which resulted in a 50% reduction in IT related costs. The partnership also saw an increase in throughput by 50% and reduced the number of error incidents by a third.

4. For SME’s: Charting a new course for e-learning leader

With this project, we were set very steep targets. Double development capacity in less than 30 days! What can we say? We love a challenge. So we began by building and training an entire sprint team of .Net and Azure specialists that worked with our client’s CTO and Chief Architect. Working tirelessly we managed to reduce their digital delivery time by a whopping 90% and delivered their full annual roadmap in just 6 months. We also put a concerted effort into SEO and improved organic ranking by more than 25% in that same period.

5. For Scale-ups: US e-commerce venture with ambition

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Having worked with a number of e-commerce clients before, when this US scale-up came to us with their roadmap and 2-year business plan we didn’t immediately know if we should get involved. But the benefit of our own venture experience was a great help, and once again we built, trained and installed a pool of senior full-stack developers who were tasked with various continuous delivery projects. Working hand in hand with the company’s CTO we managed to reduce their burn rate significantly, gradually increased velocity each sprint and ultimately helped them secure an additional $5 million in funding.

These are just our top 5 case studies but we’ve had several others. Certainly, we’ve taken on projects that have been less successful but every step of the way we’ve learnt new lessons and become better and better at helping our clients achieve the success that they deserve. As we mentioned at the outset our goal with this article was to show you, above all, what investing in a competent and innovative nearshore technology and software development team can do for your business. So we hope you are now officially among the ‘converted’ 😉

About our teams

We have done our due diligence. Recruiting the best talent who have mastered technologies, software and programming languages like Hybris, Java, RoR, React, Drupal 8 and iOS and Android Native to name just a few.

We have put our money where our mouth is and invested significant time and effort into our own startups and into R&D, focussing on RPA disciplines such as OCR, Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Our aim has been to find the most diverse set of developers so that we can provide our partners with solutions that are truly innovative, built by some of the most creative and inventive developers in Europe. If you have more questions feel free to reach out to us. This is a topic we love to talk about and give guidance on.

Elvire Jaspers

Elvire is WeAreBrain’s CEO. She has worked in the tech industry for many years, successfully running and selling her own start-up in 2017. With a big passion for sailing, she's very keen on conquering the seas (besides the tech space).

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