Full-scale upgrade and dataset cloud migration for Maxeda DIY Group

Netherlands, Belgium

The challenge

Two of Maxeda DIY Group’s leading brands, Praxis and Brico, required a full-scale migration of their SAP Commerce from AWS to the SAP Cloud environment for their online stores.

The first challenge was to upgrade the outdated version of SAP Commerce from version 6.7 to 2211 which includes 6 major versions in between.

The next challenge was to migrate the entire databases of Praxis and Brico’s online stores from AWS to the SAP Cloud environment. This required over 130GB of data (including orders, carts, users, addresses, products, categories and relations) to be migrated from MySQL to Microsoft SQL. The challenging part was that these datasets were not compatible, so we needed to devise an efficient solution.

We also needed to ensure that all connections from over 30 different microservices were compatible with SAP Commerce and performed better than in the previous AWS environment.

Our solution

We successfully managed to upgrade Praxis and Brico’s SAP Commerce to the latest version and seamlessly migrated all the datasets to the SAP Cloud environment – but we ran into a few challenges along the way which we found ingenious solutions to overcome.

Because all of the custom code that was developed in the past was no longer compatible with the newer version, we rewrote a large amount of custom code to support the adjusted logic for both Praxis and Brico’s particular needs.

This required deep investigations and information gathering of many flows and business logic to be able to rewrite the code without impacting the software architecture.

For the database migration, we managed to reduce the database size from 180GB to 130GB by identifying and removing all irrelevant data. We also added retention jobs to automate the cleaning of data when it’s not needed anymore to prevent irrelevant data from growing in future. This required us to rewrite a lot of code requests as the old data was incompatible with Microsoft SQL DB. We then converted all of the data from MySQL to MSSQL.

But our biggest victory on this project was that we managed to achieve all this seamlessly without Praxis and Brico customers being affected.

All requests from all Praxis and Brico webstore services immediately started working in the new cloud environment. Importantly, all user data was saved so that no items were lost in the migration; creating a seamless upgrade that did not impact the user experience.


  • SAP Commerce has been upgraded to the latest version
  • All datasets have been successfully migrated to the SAP cloud environment
  • The old AWS has been decommissioned

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