Older. Bolder. Better after 50. Meet TheOptimal.Me

2018 - ongoing
Fitness & Wellness

The challenge

Our client and partner, FireFinch, realised the need for a wellness platform specifically catered to people aged 50 and above. With so many fitness and wellness apps out there targeted to young adults, older generations struggle to find wellness solutions which cater to their specific needs.

Our solution

FireFinch collaborated closely with WeAreBrain since 2018 to provide innovative tech solutions focused on functional fitness and wellness for the body, mind and spirit. Using Drupal 8, iOS and Android technology, TheOptimal.me gives users expert advice, the latest information and guidance on how to make the best of the best years of your life.

TheOptimal.me is an easy-to-use, intuitive platform (web and app) which uses videos, articles and how-to’s to share valuable information regarding health and wellness. The team created a series of fitness workouts, stretch and technique instructional videos and carefully curated nutrition plans to help matures lead a holistic lifestyle.

The result

  • Reduced content upload and publishing time by more than 40%
  • Launched with more than 400 unique courses and content items
  • Reduced streaming cost by more than 90%

What the client had to say

It's such a great journey - I never thought I'd be 50+ and learning A LOT of new things every day. The layers and layers of actions for every work stream have taken me by surprise - but our team & the WeAreBrain team have really delivered, even though we were spread over 7 locations. We keep getting a glimpse of how amazing the site/platform will be and I'm already thinking about the B2B side .... so fingers crossed we get lots of customers and can keep on building!
Liz, CEO at Fire Finch

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