Driving innovation with the Praxis AR floor calculator


The challenge

The AR Floor Calculator within the Praxis Plus app uses AR to turn your mobile device into a tape measure with e-commerce superpowers. As a consumer, you can choose from and preview more than 170 floors, calculate the right amount you need and purchase in one seamless experience.

The goal

How could Maxeda help their customers even better throughout their DIY journey? How can they offer their consumers an even more seamless mobile shopping experience?

In terms of in-app user activity and in terms of revenue contribution, floors and tiles are a key DIY category for Maxeda DIY. Based on deep data analysis of current mobile app usage, conversion rates and general browsing behaviour, we made a series of recommendations on how to improve the user experience and how to further enable profitable mobile growth by addressing three key findings:


  1. Floor-related products drive a relatively high number of questions with customer service and personnel in store.
  2. Consumers often don’t buy enough packages which means they need to return to the store or purchase additional material online.
  3. Equally, consumers often buy too much which means they have to invest additional time to return unused items in store.
  4. Based on these three insights, we subsequently asked ourselves: how can we make it easy for consumers to calculate the accurate amount of flooring needed?

How could we create a solution that would increase customer satisfaction (first-time right amount) and address the sustainability concerns around material waste, product returns and unnecessary store visits?

The result

We managed to enhance the customer experience with AR in 3 simple steps:

1. Measure & save

Consumers open the Floor tab in their iOS or Android apps and measure their rooms. So far, so good. The automatically created floor plan can be saved easily in the preexisting Praxis Plus user account.

2. Select & adjust

Users can then choose from a selection of more than 170 different floors and select the floors needed for their home. But obviously, that’s not all.

3. Confirm & check-out

Based on the application’s highly accurate measurements, the floor solution automatically calculates the correct amount and price of floor material needed, including cutting loss. With one click, consumers can then add their selected floor to their shopping cart, proceed to checkout and collect at the store or have the floor home delivered.


During an initial internal testing phase, the AR Floor Calculator feature was gradually released to all Praxis Plus mobile users and key data points around consumer uptake (trialling the feature and saving floor plans) have been extremely promising. Ease of use, the speed of measuring a floor accurately and accessibility have been key drivers of the initial uptake.

While direct conversions remain limited for the time being, initial expectations have been surpassed especially when taking a holistic view of the whole category. Customer service-related questions specific to the floor category have seen a visible drop since the introduction of the AR Floor Calculator feature.

What the client had to say

Maxeda is working hand in hand with WeAreBrain on our omnichannel web platform. It provides consumers real-time access to 60.000+ products with options to easily find, order and get items delivered to their door or collect them in any of our 374 group stores across the Benelux. WeAreBrain brought expertise that consisted of a pro-active and hands-on approach on communication and collaboration with the Maxeda DIY organization. They kept scope, timeline and budget under control despite some blocking issues and other challenges. I recommend their services and would like you to consider WeAreBrain for any end to end design & development of an enterprise solutions.
Luuk Roestenberg, Former Manager Digital at Maxeda DIY Group

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