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Digitising and modernising the DIY retail experience

2013 - ongoing
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg

The challenge

WeAreBrain has worked with Maxeda since our inception, and over the years we have produced a number of successful products and projects together. At the outset, the challenge that Maxeda faced was that they were excellent at traditional DIY but didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to take their in-store experience online. They didn’t just want to create a landing page for their business, they wanted to digitise the retail experience.

Our solution

WeAreBrain played a major role in creating a brand-new platform to sell products for Maxeda.

  • WeAreBrain facilitated the setup and coaching of a nearshore development team focussed on building new online services, integrating with the company’s existing ERP and retail solutions (website and app).
  • We created a way for existing users to use the new platform using their existing accounts. We implemented a dynamic search tool into their new webshop and integrated soft content with the product catalogue. Now the new and improved e-commerce platform has completely replaced the old one and is being used continuously to sell Maxeda products.

The result

Maxeda benefited from:


reduction of IT-related costs


increase in throughput




of total incidents reduced


more revenue YoY

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