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Remanufactured. Eco-friendly. Budget-friendly


The challenge

The business is catered toward the European market, offering consumers and businesses a unique service to purchase remanufactured ‘new again’ Apple products which recycles and eliminates waste, working toward good corporate social responsibility. It’s a platform where users are able to be environmentally tech-savvy.

This approach to recycling and waste management perfectly fits WeAreBrain’s commitment to responsible development and care for our planet, and we are proud to be involved in this innovative sustainable venture.

Our solution

WeAreBrain has developed two dynamic websites to showcase Tech2Com’s outstanding service offering. FriendlyMobiles is a B2C webshop and Tech2Com is a B2B e-commerce portal for remanufactured Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs and accessories. Using WordPress and Woocommerce, WeAreBrain worked tirelessly over the summer on some intensive backend development to create two bespoke websites lit with e-commerce functionality and efficiency.

The result

After the initial B2B and B2C launches, both ventures grow their market presence extremely quickly. Unfortunately, the venture had to close down due to unspecified logistics and funding reasons, prematurely ending our collaboration with the Tech2Com teams.

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