Creating sales opportunities with AI and automation


The challenge

The global events world is constantly changing and the competition is great. Before you know it, another festival, an innovative conference or a new event is planned that you should not miss. But how do you keep track of which events are coming up? Can you guarantee that your sales and marketing teams know exactly where the biggest commercial opportunities lie, who the organiser is, and which event is best connected to your brand? And how do you best predict the volume and expected revenue of a sales opportunity? What if you had all this information in real time, and much more?

Our solution

WeAreBrain has developed SmartSpy, an AI-driven digital sales and marketing assistant that notifies you of new sales opportunities. Through customised automated processes and innovative software, SmartSpy searches the internet for upcoming events and presents the information in a format which makes it easy to assess their potential sales opportunities. Through a web portal, users are able to view the collected event information in a structured and clear format, with email notifications sent to alert sales managers of new opportunities. SmartSpy uses predictive analytics to forecast potential sales opportunities based on a number of predefined criteria.

The result

SmartSpy has a highly impressive timeline of implementation, with a high number of events searched in the first month of testing. The web portal’s user interface is impressive, intuitive and easy to understand.

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