Inspiring children’s imaginations with Sloddervos

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The client

Dromenjager is a Dutch-based children’s book creator and publisher behind the famous Woezel & Pip children’s book series. Dromenjager’s books are designed for pre-school children (0 – 4 years old) and teach kids valuable lessons via entertaining stories and lovable characters. Through inspiring content and quality products, Dromenjager aims to bring a bit of magic and imagination into every child’s life.

What did we solve?

The challenge was this: how could we help introduce a new literary character to a new audience of pre-teens?

In September 2021, Dromenjager introduced a new character and book series, Sloddervos. It is the publisher’s first character/brand outside of the hugely successful Woezel & Pip universe. Sloddervos is aimed at a new and slightly older target audience of pre-teens (8 – 11 years old).

While the Sloddervos character is intended to be introduced as a new book series, the goal is to further develop the brand into other media and products.

As this was the first character/book series outside the well-known Woezel & Pip world, Dromenjager needed a great introduction and launch campaign to introduce Sloddervos to a new target group.

How did we solve it?

Together with WeAreBrain, Solving was asked to design and build a teaser and launch website for the first Sloddervos book.

We created a stunning website designed to tease the book launch with a teaser introduction using animation effects throughout the website. From a design perspective, we incorporated the feeling and atmosphere of the book to resonate with the new target audience.

We developed the website to also serve as an engaging digital space where parents and kids can preview the book and purchase it across different channels.

Sloddervos is a character that encourages children to dare to believe in themselves and to trust in the magic of things we see and may not see, while promoting the value of friendship, bravery, and strength.

Sloddervos has sold over 15,000 copies to date.

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