Reducing service calls with a first line support chatbot


The challenge

After running the pilot a few weeks before the launch of a new core software, a hospital IT organisation realised their need to offer help desk support to thousands of employees during the first few weeks of implementation. The expected number of questions would exceed the capacity of the IT support staff and hiring new people was not an option. This challenge brought the idea of an Enterprise Virtual Assistant using chatbot technology to the change consultants at Allegro Medical. Besides a very tight and immovable deadline, another challenge was extra security requirements which required the Enterprise Virtual Assistant to run locally on the closed network of the hospital, available on desktops only and not from a browser or messaging platform.

Our solution

We developed a custom Virtual Assistant which users could interact with from their Windows desktops. The Virtual Assistant offered step-by-step instructions to the most common problems. The genius of this solution is that the chatbot was accessible without connection to the open internet or 3rd party services. It boasted a powerful and user-friendly Excel template to deliver content, meaning content editors were able to continue updating the help texts and wizards until the last moment before the launch. The bot was fully integrated with the 2nd line support tool, Topdesk. After the initial peak of queries and issues the Virtual Assistant was retired and removed from the hospital desktops.

The result

During the first 3 weeks the Virtual Assistant chatbot was used a total number of 2500 times and helped over 4000 employees.

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