Cyber insurance solutions for professionals in the US


The challenge

Finding insurance that suits the needs of professionals in the gig economy can be both tedious and cumbersome, especially as a β€˜one size fits all’ approach is outdated in today’s working landscape. We aimed to provide bespoke insurance solutions for part-time professionals and freelancers, taking into account their specific requirements and set out to save them time and money by providing them with a quote in 10 minutes or less.

Our solution

Working with MyRiskDesk, we developed PTProCover, a new platform offering bespoke insurance solutions for part-time professionals and freelancers in partnership with Nationwide, one of the largest insurance and financial services providers in the United States. Working over a period of 4 months we identified the different capacities part-time professionals and freelancers fulfil in the global workforce. We then set about designing a platform that offered insurance solutions that would specifically cater to this rapidly emerging market. Utilising advanced Drupal 8 technology we built a platform that is more dynamic and effective in providing insurance solutions which suit business professionals of the modern era.

The result

Quotes are delivered in less than 10 minutes in comparison with the standard 2-3 day wait time. We’ve also received a great deal of interest in the backend technology of PTProCover. As a result, MRD has started licensing part of this innovative technology to third parties.

What the client had to say

Their transparency and communication are great.
Jock Wols, Founder & CEO at RiskDesk

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