Enterprise-wide data processing solution for SUEZ Group

2019 - 2020

The challenge

SUEZ Group is one of the world’s leading water cycle management and waste recycling and recovery providers with over 160 years in the field. The essential services supplier needed a new data solution to replace a customised legacy system that lacked enterprise-wide functionality due to noncompliance with the Group’s enterprise architecture.

Our solution

In collaboration with Acorel, WeAreBrain designed a smart and elegant enterprise-wide data processing solution that functions across the entire multinational organisation at scale.

As an official SAP Commerce consultancy and implementation partner, our team implemented SAP Datahub as a powerful data processor, integrator, and orchestrator. The robust SAP Datahub was also used to manage metadata across SUEZ Group’s enterprise data sources and data lakes in multiple locations – including the Sitecore-based e-commerce platform, SAP ERP.

The result

Our customised, SAP-powered solution has helped SUEZ Group to create data that is compliant, reliable, and maintainable. Importantly, the data is now usable across the entire multinational organisation at scale.

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