Developing a marketplace for second hand trucks and trailers

2021 - ongoing
Transport & Logistics
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TIP Sales required a complete remarketing drive involving new development and maintenance services to the existing website which already had an established look and feel. It also became apparent that due to TIP Europe operating from 102 locations across 17 countries in Europe and North America, we would need to ensure that the new website offered multiple language options.


Over the course of 5 months, WeAreBrain set out to redesign and develop the multilingual site in a webshop format with a number of new features, including smart integration with the company’s internal CRM system.

In addition, WeAreBrain also successfully powered the complete migration from the current system to the new one, with a whole lot of improvements to boost SEO capabilities.

Finally, we developed a complex search and filtering solution on the back-end to ensure users could easily find what they’re looking for with the different parameters available on the site interface. In other words, this new solution allows a user to compare different models, either by filtering the year a trailer was produced, its brand, and type of structure, for example.


WeAreBrain’s development team made use of Headless Drupal, GraphQL, and Vue.js technologies to achieve the results expected on this project.

Incoming leads improved drastically thanks to performance and SEO focus during and after the migration.

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