Consolidating 18 websites into one domain

2022 - ongoing
Transport & Logistics
WebsiteTIP Group

The challenge

TIP Group is Europe’s leading truck and trailer leasing and rental provider. With over 50 years of experience, TIP Group is the most trusted and respected name in the industry, offering a variety of high-quality products from the best brands in Europe and North America. TIP Group required a redesign of their website that included a way to consolidate different domains from 18 different country markets into a single one.

Our solution

WeAreBrain gave the website a complete redesign facelift, opting for a clean and sophisticated look that still honours the existing TIP Group brand elements. Our team developed a headless architecture using Drupal 9 Headless, Node.js, and React.js for a fast and responsive user experience. With a new fully operational CMS and new hosting with AWS, the new SPA website delivers speed and efficiency in both the front- and backend.

We consolidated 18 different sites and migrated thousands of pages and content into one domain, while redirecting all of the old URLs to the new site. Now, users from around the world can access the TIP Group website and will be redirected via subcategories to the language of their home country. Furthermore, the structure of each page is now responsive according to each different language.

The result

Thanks to the migration, consolidation, and headless architecture, the new website is significantly faster – including the performance on mobile. We helped improve the website security and eliminated vendor lock-in issues previously experienced. Additionally, we cleaned up the backend to allow for testing before implementation and development.

Our team simplified all digital forms, including complicated maintenance reports, to make the usability of the website easier. Website content was also optimised for SEO purposes in collaboration with our long-term partners and SEO experts at Stramark.

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